Beckton Dickinson Flow Cytometers ? Premium Functions for Efficient Functionality


Beckton Dickinson flow cytometers are designed with revolutionary characteristics that meet the existing and future demands of contemporary clinical and research laboratory settings. The totally integrated models of these multiparameter devices enable researchers to efficiently execute a series of investigation functions.

Available in Two Models

Cytometers are utilised for analytical applications like reticulocyte enumeration, multiparametric DNA analysis, platelet studies, cell function analysis, immunophenotyping, functional studies, and so on. Beckton Dickinson flow cytometers are obtainable in two different models – FACScalibur and FACScan. The FACScalibur bench top flow cytometer facilitates cell evaluation and sorting. FACScan flow cytometers are the ideal selection for obtain clinical process information.  Each models of these devices make sure analytical outcomes with exceptional accuracy inside a brief span of time.

Higher-Tech Characteristics guarantee Efficient Efficiency

Beckton Dickinson flow cytometers are incorporated come with premium features to aid researchers carry out diagnostic functions with fantastic precision. The core functionalities that the users can discover in the FACScalibur model of flow cytometer include:
• Revolutionary dual-laser technologies
• Automated sample loader alternative
• Three or 4 color fluorescence capability
• FAC station data management method
• Flexibility and convenience for future upgrades

Whereas FACScan flow cytometers function 300nm-1100 nm forward scatter, dot-plots, real-time histograms, side scatter using Brewster beam splitter, FL1-FL2 and FL2-FL3 compensation. These devices have a fixed 488nm Argon laser and 3-color detection capabilities. FACScan flow cytometers can shop about 10k cells/ sample at 120 samples per hour. An additional important function of this equipment is that it can be simply operated with or without any assist from the core personnel.

Dependable Distributors for Appropriate Service Contracts

Becton Dickinson flow cytometers are accessible with all top distributors of lab gear. Most dealers offer you facilities for online buy. Buying from recognized suppliers guarantees that you get premium equipment at competitive rates, difficulty-cost-free installation and outstanding after-sales help. Such dealers also provide  hassle-free shipment options to laboratories in foreign countries.