Bayer Join Hands To Market China Academy Of Developing Study Of The Improvement Of Domestic

tags With China continuing to market building power efficiency and further the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, China’s building power efficiency market is gradually entering a comparatively stable period of improvement. Market place for excellent efficiency, protected and hassle-free building of developing demand for thermal insulation program can be expected that future energy-saving insulation materials and systems architecture for improvement is massive. Lately, Bayer MaterialScience, China Academy of Building Research work together to develop the “spray polyurethane foam wall insulation technique”, which will no doubt grow to be increasingly rigid polyurethane foam wall insulation play a role in advertising improvement. The project on the characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam insulation wall and its construction approach to make a distinct scientific validation and data help, but also developed the system of enterprise technical requirements. The technical normal is primarily based on organization-led, not only for the areas of technology development has offered guidance for the future preparation of rigid polyurethane foam wall insulation method of the national market standard foundation.
Bayer MaterialScience Polyurethanes Enterprise Unit, Asia Pacific vice president of District Huihua Bo Shi says: “This co-operation, we get the Chinese Academy of Constructing Study of the strong support from Bayer MaterialScience also actively contribute to constructing power efficiency in China has laid a solid foundation. We think that Bayer MaterialScience’s spray polyurethane foam wall insulation solutions to meet the requirements of today’s developing energy efficiency in China. “
At the moment, the existing buildings in China, 95% of the buildings are high energy buyers, almost 40% of building power consumption is lost by means of external walls. Reduce energy consumption, high energy consumption to change the status of the industry, to raise awareness of building energy conservation awareness, the government, enterprises and other relevant departments want to perform collectively to solve. Constructing energy saving insulation components, which includes molded polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS), Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) and so on. From the complete functionality point of view, polyurethane is the best option. Reference to overseas experience, polyurethane thermal insulation material has grow to be the mainstream of developing energy saving goods. As a sustainable development focus of the business, Bayer MaterialScience has spared no effort to market the superb efficiency of the insulation material. The co-operation of “Spray Polyurethane Foam wall insulation method” refers to the wall with spray polyurethane foam as insulation material for the outer keel decorative wall hanging decorative board insulation method, although the program has a good, reputable fire structure.
“The insulation program has exceptional insulation and fire functionality, security and reliability,” China Academy of Building Investigation Institute of Materials, deputy director Zhao Xiao Long truthful assessment that “in cooperation, we also optimized the building technologies associated to strive to construction unit operation in the use of this program convenient and efficient. “The method can be used with hanging wall of the new type of engineering and construction of the thermal insulation of existing buildings power-saving insulation, but also applies to residential buildings, public buildings and Industrial Construction.
In building power saving, thermal insulation and fire protection is our priority concern. Bayer MaterialScience’s spray polyurethane foam wall insulation and fire insulation method is especially outstanding. As the thermal conductivity of polyurethane .019 ~ .024W / (mk), so the overall performance of polyurethane insulation is the very best material to achieve the very same power efficiency standards for thickness only half of EPS. Emphasis should be mentioned that this system has exceptional fire resistant construction. Speak about fire security overall performance, numerous men and women fire overall performance of polyurethane foam has a specific misunderstanding. Bayer MaterialScience technical specialists in Xuchang Feng explained: “Initial of all, compared to EPS and XPS, thermoplastics, polyurethane foam is a thermoset material, fire and without the formation of droplets generated only coke layer, and spray polyurethane difficult application of foam in the constructing structure does not exist in the cavity, hence blocking the air flow, as a result avoiding the occurrence of flashover and the spread of flame retardancy. Secondly, the Bayer Material Science and Technology and China Academy of Constructing Investigation Institute created The spray polyurethane foam wall insulation technique has improved, reputable fire protection structures designed and successfully carried out in cooperation by the two huge-scale fire test of the verification window. to add, this is the 1st time the spray polyurethane foam market curtain wall insulation method massive-scale fire test. “
“In cooperation with Bayer MaterialScience, we deeply feel the sense of continuous improvement business building power-saving goods related to power. As for the academy, also has a display of our technologies analysis platform. In China Creating Energy Saving on the road, I feel we will continue to function together and implementing the country’s energy policy, in the construction field objective of achieving sustainable improvement approach. “Zhao Xiao Extended, deputy director of the evaluation to the.