?Battle: Los Angeles? Unveiled Newest Posters


The Colombia’s action science fiction film “Battle: Los Angeles” has recently unveiled its most recent posters in order to please the eyes of any audience who like this sort of movie. These photos show the spectacular pictures of a film that is deemed as one particular among the most expensive movies in Hollywood. The upcoming 2011 “Battle: Los Angeles” film, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, is planned to come out in theaters in March 2011. It is about a international alien invasion occurred in modern day in Los Angeles. The film’s name and its events are inspired by the Battle of Los Angeles, an air raid of Los Angeles that took spot in the course of Planet War II. Let’s have a appear at the pictures under to have the initial views of this attractive movie:

“Battle: Los Angeles” stars Aaron Eckhart, Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Peña. This is the image of a mushroom cloud observed right after an explosion in the movie.

A lot of people consider that “Battle: Los Angeles” is like “Black Hawk Down”, but with an alien invasion.

Aaron Eckhart is attached to star in “Battle: Los Angeles” as the platoon leader. Eckhart has turn out to be popular soon after his largest roles as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in “The Dark Knight”, the blockbuster that brought back over $ 997 million worldwide.

The film is about a marine platoon fighting against an alien invasion of Earth in Los Angeles.

With a cast consisting of effectively-recognized stars, “Battle: Los Angeles” is described as “Independence Day” meets “Black Hawk Down”.

When unknown forces abruptly attack the City of Angels and hit the streets, these marines become the first and last line of defense to battle against an enemy that unlike anything they’ve ever observed before.

Most of the aliens in the film are personal computer-generated and only 10% of them were accomplished virtually.

The film shows off a mixture of the ‘handheld’ effect with the far more standard, panoramic shots.



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