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tags More rapidly pace of life, so that buyers feel Decoration Time is tight unbearable, so the decoration materials in the selection of one-cease buying when the more inclined, and also to guarantee the unity of the overall style decoration. So more and much more cross-border operation began developing components industry, which Bathroom Tile areas are particularly conspicuous. Nowadays, moving the tile bathroom cheese, consuming habits tomorrow bathroom tile collections, Who Who moved the cheese? Bathroom tile mutual cross-border company benefits? Think that only the market can be revealed answers.

Bathroom tile “Twins enjoy”, place up the chips for seamless

Residence Market has been spread this way of saying that “bathroom tile, regardless of residence.” First, each are important for the bathroom renovation method but the two similar Advertising Multi-channel operators also have overlap. Even though the definition in the industry boundaries of distinction in between the two, but since the middle of the range is reasonably modest, so far more and far more enterprises have set foot in cross-border operations, hopes to extend the solution line, or escape from a single tile in the bathroom enterprise regions to ride out a bathroom, and tile “Twins love,” staged with intimate opera.

Dongpeng, Hui Da, Eagle attack 1st cross-border operation, backed Dongpeng tiles, sanitary ware enterprise have burgeoned rewards started up by sanitary, but achievement can also be involved in tile Eagle has been classified as music Putting aside the family’s. Beneath the leadership of these businesses, Wrigley, toto have been all force, and a excellent come from behind the trend.

Cross-border operation positive aspects lie fine line among accomplishment or failure

Bathroom and tile two regions to market organization among the driving force behind cross-border business has increased sales from corporate and brand level of priority. Customers in the decoration, the requirement to guarantee sanitary ware, tiles and other decorative components can be unified style, feeling out of harmony with comfort. So the trend of a single-cease purchasing has grow to be increasingly apparent that buyers had been willing to pick and bathroom tiles, bathroom tile matching goods to decide on. Sanitary ware and tile enterprises supporting product development, not only involved in stimulating new regions of product Sell , Also contributed to the original sales, so that the brand of sanitary ware, ceramic tiles are a lot more full, we will also upgrade the brand reputation is not without advantage to the customer goods supporting sturdy feeling that huge firms and massive brands. For this explanation, cross-border operations in between bathroom tiles continuously staged drama.

But from the design, method or from the service side, cross-border company is nonetheless at the exploratory stage, a productive example of numerous, there are also a lot of standard failure. For that reason, cross-border organization enterprises in the bathroom or tile have to be careful when, due to the fact of the good results and failure only a thin line. Although the general property is a main trend, but the dedication and professionalism to supply a steady stream of items for the enterprise to help the truth of ancient times. Carefully scrutinized carefully take into account market conditions and take into account their personal enterprise strength is the bathroom and tile in the industry the only way to survival and improvement.

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