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A quite important aspect of a bathroom, whether or not large or small is the style of the shower. A glass block shower is a extremely contemporary shower design and style, that enables lot of light and at the identical time supplies comprehensive privacy. A glass block shower is constructed with glass blocks or bricks which are four to six inches in thickness. There are a lot of glass block shower designs that you can select from, from the classic design of glass block walls with a glass shower door to the more contemporary walk-in shower. You can also have a curved glass block wall for the shower enclosure for a desirable appear. Glass block shower designs combine style with functionality, as the glass blocks are simple to clean with simple window cleaning agents. Glass blocks are also obtainable in a range of colors and patterns which makes it effortless for you to match the glass block shower to your bathroom decor.

Glass Block Shower Design Concepts

When you are deciding upon the design and style for your glass block shower, preserve in mind the space accessible in your bathroom for installing the shower. Shower designs for little bathrooms ought to have basic glass block shower designs with an enclosed rectangular shower stall with a glass door. Bigger bathrooms will appear great with bathroom shower styles that incorporates elements like curved walls with walk in shower stalls. If you are choosing the more conventional white or clear glass blocks for your bathroom, then you can complement it with a frosted glass door that has a silver finish aluminum frame.

For these of you who want one thing out of the box, why not attempt glass block shower designs that are a lot more modern. As an alternative of the typical rectangular wall plans for the shower, you can opt for a style like corner shower stalls. This is a wonderful plan for individuals who have tiny bathrooms and want to use the corner region of a bathroom. There is no reason for you to install a glass block shower by placing the glass blocks in rows and columns. You can make a distinctive design for your shower stall by orienting the glass blocks in a diamond shape when you set up them. If you have a black and white decor in your bathroom, your glass block shower styles can match the decor when you make a checkered design by installing alternate glass blocks of white and black to install the glass block shower.

A single of the greatest glass block shower styles is to use colored glass blocks for installing a shower stall. Use dark colored glass blocks like amethyst and turquoise to match the walls or tiles of your bathroom. For large bathrooms, you can even set up a walk-in glass block shower that uses multi colored glass blocks to make a dramatic statement. Some makers even offer you glass block murals by fusing colored glass onto the glass blocks. You can install these murals on the enclosure of your shower and select styles like tropical fish and lovely flowers.

These were some glass block shower styles that you can use even though installing a shower in your bathroom. Glass blocks are offered in a range of finishes like satin, engraved and sandblasted and you are positive to find some thing that suits your decor and price range. Now that you know how to design and style a glass block shower, you can remodel your bathroom to give it a totally new look.