Bathroom Hardware Industry How To Deal With Three Foreign Trade Issues, “the Mountain”


Bathroom industry is experiencing a lot of ups and downs of the economic crisis led to decline in the international market demand rigidity, increasing trade protectionism and other nations, technical barriers to overall health enterprises in China faced rising pressure to export. By the financial crisis, sanitary export enterprises are facing varying degrees of difficulty, and we have to think much more, domestic bathroom how to deal with overseas exporters to the industry alterations, turning crises into opportunities.

Measures of trade barriers for a breakthrough in scientific and technological innovation

For a lengthy time, China’s sanitary products low prices, well-known foreign distributors and buyers, exports doubled. However, with the export volume progressively enhanced, and the international financial scenario worsened, much more and far more countries are starting to implement comparable stringent technical requirements generate barriers to trade, boost the overall health of our enterprises to create foreign markets more difficult. Faced with this trend, the issue of trade protection, health enterprises in China to do is 1st of all rely on technological innovations to implement sector standards upgrades. According to specialists, technical barriers to trade initial, breakthrough product have to meet standards to ensure items meet industry standards, the manufacturer shall establish the control program. Sanitary products in addition to meeting neighborhood technical standards, should also meet the neighborhood residents living habits and approaches of thinking. At present, the pressure in the case of exports, the Chinese are increasingly focusing on relevant international sanitary standards, solution good quality and considerably enhanced compliance with the relevant technical standards as far as achievable to avoid the common barriers to exports caused by disputes. With the strength of our well being enterprises progressively, the current product standards much more and more wellness enterprises have met or exceeded stringent product requirements in foreign countries. High standards of solution, reasonable cost will be the essential element in breaking the barriers in order to win a bigger market place abroad.

Measures two to sustain U.S. and European markets open up new markets

By the monetary crisis, the United States, Japan and Europe the three significant trading partners demand fell sharply in the international industry decline. According to statistics in recent years, the United States, Japan and Europe market place share of China’s exports accounted for a lot more than 60%. But the United States, Japan and Europe simply because of the financial crisis led to the economic downturn, demand significantly reduced. It is understood that the Canton Fair exhibitors from Europe, the United States, Japan, orders have distinct levels of reduction, which causes a sharp decline in export orders, producing the survival of numerous export-oriented enterprises are facing stress.

Fair trade on the information evaluation that will be bullish in 2009 Autumn Canton Fair, “A lot of European and American purchasers will consume the inventory completed in the second half, I think that in 2009 the turnover will boost the fall Fair.” But in the existing, facing troubles proper now, on the 1 hand attempt to maintain in Europe, the United States, Japan’s key markets, and actively invite new customers to the scene procurement the other hand, the search for new markets as another, vigorously create South-East Asia, South Asia, Middle East , Africa, South America and other emerging markets. For many domestic exporters, the existing economic predicament is definitely tough, but also a lot of hidden possibilities. Chinese market place in the eyes of the globe as a legendary luminous pearl, robust domestic demand will be critical future economic development. A lot of firms in the past focused on the export market began to rethink their strategy and this vast fertile ground for Mao, the development direction of future development.

Measures three-brand technique to speed up overseas advertising

China is a massive exporter sanitary ware, but mainly in the type of OEM or OEM export, making a small processing charge, although low-danger and quick outcomes. Kind from the export trend is really unfavorable terms, foreign firms have lengthy utilised the advantage of inexpensive labor in China makes it possible for domestic processing enterprises in the production of only a modest amount of processing fees, resulting in the quantity of China’s foreign trade towards the straightforward expansion of exports the amount of improve is substantially less than the increase in export volume, exports decreased efficiency, into the only essential foreign exchange, does not hit the error card. In spite of our many goods in the quality, functionality, approach and technology with the international sophisticated level has been modest, but the disadvantage is the enhance brand bathroom, fully passive state, the existing crisis gives us a clear understanding of a single export processing danger and the conflict in between sustainable improvement. China’s well being in the future improvement of enterprises should spend a lot more interest to building and development of personal brands and develop its personal brand, brand awareness and very good preparing. For the qualities of foreign trade enterprises, enterprises should fully understand the industry adjustments, moderate grasp the scale of processing, the creation of OEM and own brand combined with the OEM to decide a reasonable proportion of own brand, not only by way of the OEM learning master the planet-renowned brand management and technologies, but also broke by way of its personal brand reputation in the domestic and international markets, expanding its personal brand of marketplace share, boost the competitiveness of enterprises. Prior to the crisis broke out in Chaozhou several foreign trade enterprises in the Southeast Asian industry had began its own brand marketing and advertising, brand joined in the kind of open stores, so when the economic crisis, the impact on tiny firms.

In short, with the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in China sanitary increasingly, in business standards, item high quality, production technology and other aspects of sophisticated health and developing gap among the little enterprises. With enhanced competition in international trade, the conventional low-cost export processing path in the new kind have to be correctly adjusted. The formulation of national policies in the future will also encourage innovation and brand method guide, rely on inexpensive labor and the expense of non-renewable resources and the atmosphere, foreign trade development mode will gradually be limited, China should take advantage of overall health enterprises to speed up enterprise restructuring, the crisis, self-improvement, to create a viable response to the improvement of methods to broaden the market.