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tags Bathroom hardware improvement of the market will expertise a number of sharpening, are pairs of bathroom hardware development of the industry summed up the seven search phrases, low-carbon, endorsements, bathroom to the countryside.
A low-carbon has turn into a universal concern, sanitary market, environmental protection will also embark on a low-carbon path. Produce a low-carbon household, shared life style. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Area “Creating a low carbon way of life the family members share” campaign launched in Baotou City. The event introduced the concept of the carbon family members, to the recognition of low-carbon life the loved ones knowledge, advocate the residents of low-carbon lifestyles. Region nearly 10 million households will be involved in the activities of “family members low-carbon plan” life practice.
Any a single market or sector the implementation of low-carbon economy is inseparable from the standard support and help. Only established a clear set of criteria and needs, the development of low-carbon economy can there be “rules.” Such as green environmental protection, green developing, demands a corresponding green constructing standards system clean environmentally friendly new energy, require the appropriate item requirements method. Only with low-carbon regular system connected to financial improvement and improved, low-carbon economy will not just stay in people’s mouth, but implemented in a hand.
In 2009, Pu Cunxin endorsement by the constant clean bathroom ad roll’s major tv stations broadcast diving queen Guo Jingjing Yu bathroom with China signed an agreement to turn into its brand ambassador Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite Television, Chen Lu Yu signing endorsement brilliant plumbing the same year, Kelly Chen endorsement TOTO, Lin Chi-ling endorsement and Cheng, Wai-tat Sanitary Ware and Betty Sun sign … … It is no exaggeration to say that 2009 is the year endorsement bathroom industry. It is this endorsement wind, considerably far more intense scraping trend.
Bathroom market development is really crucial, and industry development is also required, in order to market structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, guide consumption to expand domestic demand, improve rural construction, kitchen and the countryside has grow to be a new style. The vast rural market place, the financial crisis spread not only to bring new trade possibilities, for universal understanding of gas appliances, master of its properties, play an extraordinary role in the proper use of techniques, gas appliances of their power-saving, financial, clean, inexpensive properties brought about by to the social positive aspects is incalculable.
A new growth point to make the sector see the rural market place will turn out to be the significant target for future business development and direction of associations and enterprises also recognize that the rural industry for kitchen merchandise, sturdy demand for, and self-confidence in carrying out future perform.
Kitchen countryside has turn out to be a style, kitchen and to the countryside to give farmers with some higher-high quality kitchen merchandise, bathroom items, good soon after-sales service is the essential to improve the image of the bathroom is also a focus of enterprise, but the bathroom brand rooted in the rural locations also vital.