Basic Hardware Machinery Industry’s Overall Competitiveness In The Growing – The Valve,

tags 2008 from January to June Common Hardware Machinery sector in excellent shape overall financial functionality, production, Pin Sales, profits continue to sustain development of a lot more than 30%, 1-June Common Hardware Machinery accumulated industrial output worth of 192.201 billion yuan, up 34.25, higher than the national machinery sector growth rate of industrial output value of 4.64 percentage points year on year total The industrial sales output worth of 184.226 billion yuan, up 33.19 percent, higher than the national hardware machinery sector output value of business sales growth rate of 3.13 percentage points year on year.

Its major operational features of the economy:
A production steady and speedy growth. 1-6 on the month of statistics, basic machinery sector enterprises above designated size industrial output value in every single month this year 1-six and sales volume development continue to sustain speedy and steady growth, year on year development rate of production of the first five months of this year with the exact same period final year two-3 percent in June year more than year development rate fell slightly, down .07 percentage points

Second, the export delivery worth of steady growth. 1-6 on the month of statistics, the export delivery value remains steady at 20% of development, but development over the previous year compared to last year, development dropped sharply.

3 primary goods industry improved year on year growth price slowed down. 1-6 in the output of major goods business statistics, pumps, gas compressors, Valve , Decrease speed machines, Separator Production of double-digit development year on year, but the market development rate year on year growth rate year more than last year monthly decline. Of which: fan sector declined by 51 percentage points year on year increase is primarily due to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong Province, the 3 fan industry output accounted for 80% of total quantity, which is three in June 2007 the cumulative enhance of 42% this year June cumulative increase of -20.96%, fan output statistics of the 28 provinces in cities in 10 regions of unfavorable development. Separator Mechanical output growth more than the preceding year displaying a development of 116.69 %, due to the fact of Shandong Province in June 9490 to total mechanical separation of Taiwan, the business-wide 1-6 aggregate of 49.55% the month, up 851.17 percent year on year development, adjustment elements can not be compared with an increase of 19.96 %.

4, total profits, sustain fast development, an enhance of a slight drop. Statistics show that 1-Could the complete sector to attain a total profit of 9.068 billion yuan total, up 35.68 % enhance over last year enhanced 3.45 percentage points, compared with January to February this year, down 6.12 percentage points.

5, industry loss elevated slightly. 1-five month statistics, business loss 15.48%, the cumulative quantity of 617 million yuan loss, loss grew 24.4% year on year enhance in the amount of 121 million loss.

From the above information and evaluation can be noticed: common machinery market production, sales, profit development was greater than the enhance in physical volume of merchandise that the all round competitiveness of the industry is growing, in current years, production technologies and gear updates, and solution structure upgrading to enterprise productivity, technical equipment, to enhance item competitiveness, benefits corporate strength progressively. Homogeneous industry competition remains serious, resulting in rapid growth and loss beneath the loss boost. With iron ore rates will trigger a new round of steel price increases in turn the industry this year faces a new round of tests of steel costs, prices of mature products the capability to withstand weak, challenging to pass down or self-digestion prices, there is an urgent need to accelerate industrial upgrading, growth pattern.

2008 beginning the second half of national macro-control measures taken will steadily appear, industry development will slow. Properly as national domestic demand, enterprise and complete order tasks, produce and sell second half of the industry will sustain a development price of around 30%.