Balloon Decoration Company Tips – Do You Know the 2 Tell-Tale Signals If Your Prices Are As well High?


One particular of my favourite shows of body language and the new science of facial “micro-expressions” is “Lie To Me.”  I just enjoy this Tv series.  What I didn’t understand was that I had been effective in the reading of physique language and micro-expressions before it even became well-liked. 

In this article, I will show you 2 confident-fire techniques to know with no a shadow of a doubt when the price tag quote you have just given your balloon decoration prospect is WAY also higher and that you have frightened them so much that they are screaming this message to you with their face and their body. 

These two secrets perform not only in the balloon decoration enterprise, but in any enterprise exactly where you have to quote a customer a cost and wait for their reaction. 

The sort of dialog that precedes the tell-tale physique and facial message to you is some thing like this.

“And how much is that balloon arch for the my primary table?” asks the consumer.

You say, “$ 275.00”.

What you will see which follows a high quote are:

The 2 Tell-Tale Indicators That A Customers Unconsciously Communicates To You That The Price Is As well Higher

This is how you know.

Inform-Tale Sign #1 – They Scratch – The minute you say the cost, they scratch their forearm, or they scratch under 1 of their thighs as they are seated.

Tell-Tale Sign #2 – They Take A Deep Breath and Then Exhale – As quickly as you say the price that they perceive as too high, they take a deep breath and they speedily exhale.

These are the established physique language signs that the price is as well higher that I have observed for over 20 years in hundreds of interviews with consumers of ALL ages, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and cultures.  It really is universal.

So, when they ask “How significantly?” and you see either of these two indicators, get ready to provide then one thing less high-priced yet equally eye-catching to them and to their budgets.