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Along with its Avaya Office IP solution, Avaya gives IP telephones. These are suited for the Office IP answer and have all the functions that customers of Avaya’s conventional business phones expect. As these phones have nearly the very same functions as conventional phones, customers need not be re-trained to operate them. This leads to a tremendous savings in both expense and time. All the phones can be employed intuitively, as the functions are very easy to comprehend and operate. All your employees from your receptionist to your mobile understanding worker will uncover that these phones improve their productivity.

Avaya gives 3 series of IP phones – the 4620, the 5600, and the 9600. Every single series has a quantity of models below them with slightly varying characteristics. All these phones have a couple of features in frequent – they are stylish and straightforward to operate. They help a variety of functions that have now turn out to be common in most enterprises. What follows is a brief discussion of the characteristics of each and every series.

4620 series

These phones have advanced calling functions as effectively as fashionable appear. The streamlined design is quite attractive. Besides, they incorporate a built-in headset jack, a message waiting indicator, effortlessly readable displays, hearing help compatibility, NetMeeting compatibility, a number of programmable feature keys, and display navigation keys. These make them really productive tools in an office environment. They also have paperless button labels, fixed keys for transfer, hold, mute, drop, redial, conference, volume, and headset. It has a massive grayscale show.

In addition, it has an infrared port, call log application, specific speed dial application, web browser, multiple energy choices, and customized ring patterns. As everyone is aware all these functions aid the enterprise making use of these phones to compete greater in today’s highly competitive business environment. In addition, it delivers all the features of the Avaya Communications Manager directly to the desktop. You have a option of wall mount and desk best models to choose from.

As these phones have an integrated VPN client installed in them, they can be used by tele-workers, home agents, and workers in disaster recovery internet sites.

These phones also have constructed-in adapters for upgrades. So, by selecting these phones you are organizing for the long term as well. It has a big capacity LAN for information transfer as properly.

5600 series

This series of Avaya IP phones have a lot of computer software functions and high audio top quality. Some versions are enabled to support browser primarily based desktop applications such as on-line order entry and inventory lookup apart from directory primarily based dialing and contact logging. Some of these phones, such as the 5610 and 5621, support VPN software program, carrying out away with the need to have for a VPN device at the remote place.

This series is a lot more secure than the 4620 series as it has sophisticated encryption and protection from denial of service attacks. This series has a user-friendly interface producing it very simple to use. These phones can easily be upgraded by downloading the acceptable application. They have a simplified wiring program and computer software provisioning. They have a dynamic IP address assignment potential. It comes with a noise cancelling microphone for busy offices.

These phones are priced reduce than the 4620 series as they do not have the facility to upgrade to make them compatible with the Communication Manager. If your enterprise does not demand to move to the Communication Manager in the short to med term, then you can safely opt for this phone. Otherwise select the 4620 series more than this series.

9600 series

This series comprises of potent deskphones that are full featured. They supply customizability and efficiency. Additionally, one has enhanced contact handle and call management capabilities with these phones. They improve worker productivity and satisfaction by their ease of use.

Some of these phones have mobility applications and are created for use by these, who rely heavily on their phones to meet their work targets. Other phones are meant for those such as receptionists who handle a higher volume of calls. They also have standard models for those who acquire only a few calls a day. By selecting the proper telephone model for every single worker, you will be capable to save substantially on expenses whilst nonetheless guaranteeing that all the phone requirements of your staff are met.


Although the 5600 series is much less pricey, it does come with the caveat that it cannot be upgraded to assistance the Communication Manager. As most enterprise sooner or later move toward employing the Communication Manager, opt for the lower cost series only if you are quite sure that you will not want the Communication Manager in the brief to mid term. Even so, the 5600 series is a lot more safe, so if security of communication is extremely essential to your company, then you need to have to opt for phones from this series. If you need phones that can be customized, then opt for the 9600 series of phones by Avaya.

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