Automotive Gadgets – Buying From the Dealer Versus the Aftermarket


Automotive electronics have traditionally been the exclusive realm of specialty shops. For instance, if you wanted rear-seat entertainment for your SUV, you needed to visit a retailer that carried and installed them. Automobile companies watched these places soak up millions of dollars in profit more than the years. They ultimately decided to provide motorists specialty electronics and systems from the dealership lot.

Right now, you can order these gadgets directly from the dealer. The query is, need to you? It really is not as basic as comparing prices. In this report, I’ll explain the differences between getting from the dealer versus buying from an aftermarket shop. We’ll also take a look at a couple of categories that are well-known among drivers.

What’s The Difference?

Price is a tough barometer to use when comparing gadgets at the dealership versus these at a specialty shop. The reason is simply because several of them are packaged with other alternatives at the dealer. For example, if you want the rear-seat entertainment system, it might be packaged with a rear camera. That muddies the waters for strict price comparisons.

Yet another difference is that the electronics you purchase from an aftermarket retailer will not be covered by your car’s warranty. On the other hand, if you acquire them from the dealership, they’re typically covered. Finally, it’s difficult for an aftermarket shop to match the seamless integration of the electronics that a dealership can supply. Not not possible, but hard.

Stereo Systems

Years ago, the aftermarket presented the most current in audio technologies. Car manufacturers couldn’t match the speakers, subwoofers, and acoustics sold by the specialty shops. These days, automakers have partnered with higher-end brands in order to bring a premium sound to the cabin of your car.

Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems

This is an region that was all but dominated by automakers when they first became well-liked. However, specialty stores speedily gained momentum. Over the last ten years, they’ve been in a position to style systems that provide the very same functionality as those bought from the dealer. What’s more, they are frequently far much less costly.

Navigation Devices

The first automotive navigation systems made their debut in the early 1980s. They have been only installed in high-end cars because the technology carried a high price tag. GPS technology has considering that plummeted in cost which led to the reputation of transportable navigation devices. Right now, the cost of an in-dash unit is virtually identical between the dealership and the aftermarket.

Which Should You Select?

Your decision concerning no matter whether to purchase the most recent automotive electronics directly from the dealer or from the aftermarket depends on what you happen to be purchasing and how much flexibility you want. Automakers have completed a amazing job of meeting the top quality and reliability of the gadgets sold in specialty stores. Nonetheless, customization of these gadgets remains a difficulty. In the finish, you could find out that your selection is based solely upon comfort.