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tags Issue of import tariffs, China was once Europe and the United States to prosecute auto components supplier to the WTO, the domestic auto parts sector has also turn into more self-improvement by the people concerned. At the current meeting in Wuhan, the seventh peak of the automotive market at the annual meeting, the authorities of this industry for us to open the actual file, and analyze the pros and cons of its as soon as predicted its future trend.

Rational view of the present scenario of China Auto Components Industry
China Association of Automobile Chenbing Yan, deputy director of Policy Research, mentioned in 2000 China joined the WTO, as a watershed in auto parts business. Prior to the 1953 to 1978 for the initial stage, from 1978 to 1992 as the development stage, from 1992 to 2000 for the localization phase. Right after eight years, our open access threshold for auto components, and in this open eight years, all elements of foreign advanced technology, almost all entered the nation, China auto components business entered a not only integration, and competitors new stage of improvement, rapid formation of the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, central and western areas of Hubei Province and the five market clusters. Far more than eight,000 auto components enterprises, of which more than 1,600 of Zhejiang province.

China auto parts market in speedy development, but also exposed a problem: the essential elements of the core technologies has not but mastered getting marginalized in the OEM market place trends in high-end critical Foreign acquisitions and mergers of domestic enterprises, especially is a major automotive components company’s strategic intent to grow to be prominent car auto firms ability to handle key parts of the weak. To uncover solutions to these issues is to our future efforts.

Implementation of the “third nation” is an automotive diesel engine blow?
Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Executive Assistant Zhongyu Wei said, can not speak about auto components sector, mentioned diesel engine, diesel engine can not speak about that, “State III” emission requirements. The “State III” emission standards, my simple view is: untimely, enjoy and hate.

He believes that “the 3 countries” to implement at least on the manufacturing business had the following effects: energy manage and post-processing technologies import, leading to the production of diesel engines and service costs have risen sharply, but subject to market discipline, the whole price increase can not be synchronized , a important decline in corporate income electronic control and post-processing technologies to enable a qualitative upgrading engine technologies, automobile matching strategies have subsequently upgraded the technical difficulty of this item improved, a substantial improve in R &amp D investment items upgrade to speed up, shorter life cycles, and enhanced danger of new solution into the market place, the achievement price reduced the R &amp D, manufacturing and services have substantially enhanced investment, technical barriers to substantially increase the industry.

Identical time, “State,” is the implementation of the diesel engine sales industry has also had a substantial impact, resulting in the 1st half of consumers getting trends is clear in advance, and in July, “State 3” right after the official implementation of the market place declining into the fourth quarter, the marketplace trend has not optimistic. Severity, in terms of light diesel engines, respectively, with the “three countries” to implement large volume of heavy truck market expanding, low-power normal heavy machine declining market share medium-sized modest diesel engine blocks development light diesel engine to keep a steady growth However, homogenization is severe, do not get rid of the low technological content and top quality of the common problem.

Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Co., Ltd Sales Organization Vice President Zhang Sheng Hung that “third country” right after the implementation of the standard diesel engine facing far more critical challenges, backward technologies, the engine will be challenging in the domestic base. Engine firms have to continue to make technological innovation to meet the ever-new automobile introduced in energy saving, emission reduction, safety, regulatory specifications. Of light diesel engine manufacturing enterprises, the future need to pay specific interest to intelligent engine technology, standardization and OEMs vehicle improvement integration, synchronization, modularity product in comfort and humanity, is primarily low-noise, reliable, easy maintenance energy saving, low emission, and the development of new power use.

By means of independent investigation and development to make up for gaps in our bridge product kind spectrum

In thousands of auto parts, the bridge is 1 of the most crucial components, the level of its R &amp D and production of state concern.