Autism Therapy “?” Light And Sound Sensitivity And Autism

tags I have seen over the years that some children on the Autism spectrum tend to have certain sensitivities to numerous things. The sensitivities can be with sound or even light and these sensitivities can be very challenging, I have even had some kids who required earphones to muffle sounds so that they can leave their house. And even household noises like the vacuum, a loud Tv set, and so on. can lead to problems for a child who is quite sensitive.

When a kid has sensitivities like this, I look for a couple of various items that can contribute. One thing that can heighten these sensitivities is yeast overgrowth, so I look at an organic acid test to verify arabinose or other yeast biomarkers. Mineral deficiencies, especially magnesium, can also be another lead to. A kid who is magnesium deficient may have an general heightened level of irritation and agitation. Adding in more magnesium has lowered some of the light and sound sensitivity that some children struggle with. There are a couple of ways you can supplement magnesium, the greatest way being by means of an IV so that you are bypassing the digestive system. But, for all households, this is just not possible so there are other possibilities.

Magnesium can also be supplemented orally. There are different forms of magnesium. A quite swiftly absorbed type is magnesium glycinate. A excellent dose for most children is between 250 – 400 mg, with rewards observed more than time. While magnesium citrate is also a good choice, but this type can have a laxative impact so the dose can’t go too higher with magnesium citrate. So if the magnesium is to address sensitivity problems, then magnesium glycinate is almost certainly a far better kind to use. You can also try doing Epsom salt baths which provide magnesium sulfate. You can add a single to two cups of salt to your child’s nightly bath. Or you can try Epsom salt cream, one particular to one particular and a half teaspoons twice a day applied to the skin, rather.

When I have a youngster with light and/or sensitivities, I look at the possibility of yeast overgrowth or a magnesium deficiency as the two most probably causes. There are therapeutic programs out there also to help with sound sensitivities and auditory processing, 1 is known as Auditory Integration Therapy or AIT. For kids with light sensitivity, magnesium supplementation is typically really beneficial. Magnesium does play a part in concerns related to tension and irritability for children on the Autism spectrum.