Autism Remedy ? Respen-A and Autism Portion 2


I mentioned in the 1st video that I have been using Respen-A therapy for just about 1 year now in my practice. I am recording this distinct video in October of 2010 and I strategy on continuing to use Respen-A due to the fact I have located that it is very useful for children with Autism. And while no remedy is a panacea, a remedy or a magic bullet, Respen-A is useful for several young children with Autism. I have seen good gains for about 70% – 80% of my patients utilizing it.

With Respen-A I have surely had some youngsters who did not respond at all and other individuals who responded negatively. But the negative reaction was absolutely nothing serious, typically it entailed irritability, sometimes becoming far more emotional, or hyperactivity. And typically occasions these reactions can be expected with any new remedy. In general, biomedical treatment options like diet regime, B-12, supplements, Respen-A, and so forth., are very secure, non toxic and not unsafe. They are really nicely tolerated by most of the children that attempt them, but of course practically nothing is one hundred% free of charge of side effects.

I would like to set the record straight just a bit about why I am doing these videos on Respen-A and other issues. As a physician with over a decade’s worth of expertise in the biomedical neighborhood, I have employed a lot of, numerous biomedical therapies on my individuals and have been about a extended time and have a wonderful deal of expertise in treating Autism. So whilst I will talk on diverse remedies, like Respen-A, I want to make it clear that I acquire no economic compensation from Respen-A, I have no vested interest in Respen-A and the men and women involved with Respen-A did not ask me to prepare these videos. I use these videos as educational tools for parents by way of my weblog internet site as properly as on other net internet sites like Vimeo and YouTube, etc. I do these videos as a way to give back to the Autism community and to assist parents navigate all of the a variety of therapy options out there and what may be useful for their kid with Autism. I hope I can support dispel some of the negativity out there about Respen-A as properly. I think that it has to do with men and women not understanding what Respen-A is about, how it functions and just what the treatment does. So from this point forward I will speak far more about the remedy but I wanted to make it clear that I do not have a monetary interest in this treatment, I do not get kick backs or commissions from discussing Respen-A or employing it in my practice.