Attempt This Amazing 7″ HD Screen WIFI, Webcam, 3G Gadget


When it comes to multi-tasking and multi-functioning along with the low-cost costs, Chinese goods are the initial and only a single that readily comes in thoughts. Due to extreme specifications, these Chinese merchandise are creating fame all over the world.


China is manufacturing these cell phones by keeping in view the client wants and also replicating most of the latest other branded phones. This has designed a great source of thrill among the customers as they are receiving all comparable specifications which they surely want in considerable low price. As a result of which some best class models of these most current cell phones has been emerging from Chinese industry.


Not only inexpensive but durability is also an important issue that you will surely get on acquiring of China cell phones. The China gadgets are coming with every latest feature that you may believe of. Some of these consist of Wifi, Television, Bluetooth, Touch screen and big LCD display.


These are just a couple of: you will surely get a lot more than that on acquiring your own low-cost china cell phone. Chinese manufactures are fully conscious of the market place norms and trends. Thus they are transforming these essential functions into their own goods making their gadgets at its quite best.


The EKEN M002 is one such solution that has been launched by Chinese manufactures lately. It is a good massive LCD gadget with constructed in speakers and 1.3MP camera in order to do some exclusive photography while you are on the move.


Other major functions of this electronic solution incorporate Gravity sensor and inducer, 3G Modem for GPRS, Google Android operating system and auto horizontal screen. The 7 inch TFT screen which has a resolution of 800 * 480 makes it possible for you to watch your preferred motion pictures and playing some classic games.


The device comes up with 600 MHz processor with a processing frequency of 1.2 GHz. You can also use your favourite on-line close friends messengers like GTalk, Facebook, yahoo and several other. There are a lot of languages that are obtainable in this cell telephone: that are Chinese, English, German and numerous a lot more which you will discover soon after purchasing of this handset.


Weighing 1.05 Kg, this Chinese gadget comes up with the Wifi selection which will supply an easy with to stay connected with your favorite messengers.