Atlanta Educational Technologies


In the Atlanta Independent School District they are altering their old ways and introducing a lot of educational technologies into their classrooms. They not only are introducing new technology but they are really researching how to effectively incorporate this into the classrooms. They do not want to just throw an ipad at a student and tell them to go on a particular application for the day, they actually want teacher and student involvement to be crucial to producing educational technology a good results in their classrooms. They want students to engage much more in the classrooms and teachers to assist a lot a lot more a single on one particular with the students. The positive aspects of getting educational technology devices such as iPads, iPod touches, eReaders or any other kind of learning device is that teachers can spend a lot more one particular on 1 time with the students. You would consider it would be opposite, that by introducing a device that a student uses independently in the class would make them engage less, but by introducing the technology accompanied with the teachers knowledge of how to engage will make the Atlanta Independent School district productive.

With the devices, alternatively of teachers possessing to stand in the front of a classroom and lecture their students and have student’s participate when in a while, the educational technologies brings the students to life. The students are in a position to participate 1 hundred % by understanding hands on. Also the teachers can walk about the classroom and talk to the students 1 on 1 and assist them a lot more. The teachers go by means of a training system that teaches them how to engage students with the education technology devices and how to make the learning exciting. Its crucial for teachers to develop a fun and protected understanding atmosphere so the students will want to understand and ask inquiries. In the teachers educational technology training they are taught how to keep the mobile finding out protected. The devices that the schools obtain can be set to make sure only certain applications or internet sites are accessed to make confident the devices are only utilised for education. Also by teachers being capable to freely stroll about and help the students rather of lecturing in front of them, the teachers are able to monitor the students far more closely and help them a single on one particular.

It is very important for schools that are starting to introduce educational technology into their classrooms that they have a coaching seminar for the teachers. Not only must they be educated ion the new device and become specialists on it so they can aid their students, but they require to learn how to make the technologies integration a success in their classrooms. With the Atlanta Independent School District being aware of this crucial data and assisting their teachers turn into specialists on technology integration and how to generate a successful learning atmosphere, they will have great good results on enhancing the students test scores, grades and keeping their consideration in class. Education technologies is wonderful and very beneficial to teacher and students, but it only operates if you know how to effectively integrate it into your classrooms.