Arthur C. Clarke Biography

tags The name Arthur C. Clarke is recognized throughout the world as one of the most proficient science fiction writers. Born in 1917, he lived a complete life full of adventure till he passed away in 2008, at the age of 90. He was the author or over one hundred fiction and non-fiction books concerning outer space and ‘possible futures’.

An active member of the British Interplanetary Society, his initial science-fiction stories came into getting when he was serving in the Royal Air Force from 1941 to 1946. Clarke is 1 of the most celebrated British science fiction authors of all time and was an inventor as nicely.

In the course of college he continued to write stories and was an avid fan of writers H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Following school he was employed by the Exchequer and Adult Department in London and Physics Abstracts before becoming a complete time writer in 1952.

A paper Sir Arthur wrote interested scientists in the notion of communication satellites and in 1982 he was awarded the Marconi Award for his contributions to communications technologies. A collection of his technical writings, which strongly emphasized this concept, was extremely received when printed in Ascent to Orbit.
His writings concerning outer space had a fantastic deal of influence with his very first published novel, Prelude to Space. This book, which is still really well-liked, was written in just three weeks in 1947. In the 1950’s he found an interest in undersea exploration and wrote numerous fiction, nonfiction books and articles about the Indian Ocean around Sri Lanka.

He also became interested in filming, joined a pal to film the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and wrote a book The Deep Variety based on his encounter. In 1980 Clarke obtained his own television series, ‘Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World’ and, in 1985, ‘The Planet of Strange Powers’. Each shows have been extremely well-known, particularly with young people.

He also became well identified as a lecturer and was a professor at Physical Analysis Laboratory in Ahmedabad, India. He will lengthy be remembered for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey which was primarily based on a novel he wrote. This was followed by two other Space Odyssey sequels. Several other futuristic films have also been based on his novels.

Arthur C. Clarke was honored for his scientific writings and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998. During his lifetime, Sir Arthur suffered a quantity of accidents some resulting in short-term paralysis but that did not defer his imagination or writing talent. His influence with scientists, and the public, can’t be underestimated regarding space communication and exploration. It has been reported that a number of astronauts became interested in outer space and entered the NASA program soon after reading his books. There is no doubt that his functions will continue to be read by these who are interested in this subject as several of the predictions he created so extended ago have became today’s reality.