ARNE IVR Tends to make Communications Simple

tags The VAS/Enterprise market place in India has extended required a actually capable VAS platform that would be in a position to address all the expectations and specifications of firms operating in this nation. Capable solutions such as the OKEFORD Media Platform have been established to supply buyers with terrific benefits and a great cost to positive aspects ratio but the main problem for firms intending to use this resolution was that it was primarily designed as a solution for the core network telecom market place. The well established India based company Telesoft Technologies has recognised the need for such options and has entirely transformed the OKEFORD Media Platform into a VAS Platform suitable for the Indian market place.

The final results had been quickly visible and businesses utilizing the new VAS Platform are finding it to be not only easier to deploy but also a lot a lot more versatile. In actuality the newly developed ARNE IVR is a VAS Platform with a genuinely industrial location that connects very easily to fixed and mobile telecoms networks. The VAS Platform is now being presented to all the companies that are operating in the Indian worth added solutions market place is generally an open platform that has the extended advantage of being capable to run virtually any variety of Voice XML script. The primary technical configuration is comprised of a single modest 1U box that can deal with up to 240 simultaneous conversations, which tends to make this resolution more appropriate for service companies rather than the OKEFORD Media Platform which is designed to assistance 2,016 media channels in a far more advanced 2U chassis configuration.

The busy hour contact connections price is also a lot more appropriate for typical organizations in the Indian market. The VAS platform introduced as a true Indovation in that it has taken a technology that has been effective elsewhere and modified it to the neighborhood demands of the Indian market. The ARNE IVR VAS platform supports up to fifty thousand busy hour get in touch with connections as opposed to the 500,000 supported by its larger cousin, the OKEFORD Media Platform. Firms in India that have already implemented the new VAS Platform from Telesoft Technologies have reported it to be considerably superior to any of the other options that are at the moment obtainable on the marketplace. Considering its main client location and the high level of detail and protection it contains, the VAS Platform is the excellent option for a wide assortment of applications such as customer self-service applications, voice primarily based entertainment applications, and quite a few other people.

It fundamentally combines all the characteristics that a business in this sector may possibly need for its day to day and also its much more special operations, together with an really robust network interface and numerous special characteristics that are built into this resolution, including Voice XML support and much more. A excellent example of an application that can be enhanced by means of employing the VAS Platform is the CRBT, or color ring back tone, which replaces the common ring tone with music for all callers that are waiting to be connected. All organizations are constantly on the hunt to locate new techniques of rising their revenues, particularly in the context of the worldwide financial crisis, and the new VAS Platform allows businesses to significantly boost their business figures by means of a a lot more fast deployment and modifications for a wide range of applications.

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