Are You In search of a User-friendly Java Net Report Improvement Tool?


“I am understanding Java, and I uncover it genuinely troublesome. Specially when I want to generate a form, I have to create all the controls. So I ask all of you for assist. Is there a Java web report improvement tool which can add manage straight with no writing so significantly boring code like Visual Basic six.?”

I study the post above in a famous Java forum. In a brief time, many type members gave their personal answers to the question, and those various answers listed about 10 Java improvement tool including Eclipse. Nevertheless, they did not genuinely solve the dilemma.

Maybe you have the identical query with the guy. Then, is there a Java improvement tool which can adjust the internet application create mode from Java’s B/S web application coding to C/S graphical programming mode like VB?

What about Eclipse? Programmers familiar with it know that it isn’t a good interface style tool. Combined with development modes of different Java internet application frameworks, it supplies developers flexibility. However, it also increases programming complexity.

For example, there is improvement project to make a Organization MIS (Management Details Method) based on Webapps and database with Java, and most Web pages are used to do addition, cancellation, amendment, inquiry to database.

According to a typical MIS project, it needs a great number of individuals to function on the project. Artists will design and style the html interfaces of all pages, and method architects will decide on various architectures (struts, spring, habernate, etc.) to develop application programs’ fundamental frameworks, and engineers familiar with Java overall performance optimization will develop underlying efficiency controls.

Even if we have enough budgets and time to do such a mass of operate above, programmers will take a lot of time to study these complicated architectures. Additionally, we have to deal with a variety of frustrating issues brought on by these complex architectures in the upkeep phase.


In fact, we have a far better decision. We can use RAQ Report to comprehend our aims easily. RAQ Report is a pure Java reporting tool with genuine Excel-like design style. You can envision the feeling of satisfying all the wants of end customers with RAQ Report. I think it is superb for project leader, programmers, and end users.

Maybe you will doubt is it truly that a Java reporting tool can realize so numerous functions with no writing code. Properly, you can refer to the examples below.

Please don’t forget that all these examples are designed with a graphical designer with out writing complex Java code.