Are You a Writer Or an Imposter?


I’ve been tracking and participating in a quantity of on the web discussions of interest to writers.

Numerous of these chats pertain to inquiries such as “How do I get published?” and “Should I self-publish?”” and “What should I look out for in a contract negotiation?”

Fair adequate inquiries, but I detect some of the posters and participants have a more basic difficulty than dealing with the do’s and don’ts of publishing.

I believe they’re searching for authentication that they truly are writers.

For instance, a new author wonders no matter whether he demands a literary agent to tout his tome. This seems like a 100% genuine query. Some writers employ agents, and some agents sell some books, some of the time.

But this posting can also be that aspiring author’s way of asking: “Do I need an agent to represent me ahead of I can truly think I am a writer and have faith in the good quality of my prose?”

“Is an agent’s endorsement essential prior to I can really feel I match the component?”

The short answer to these inquiries is a resounding, NO! Agents do not a writer make.

Nor does publication, for that matter. The Chicken Soup series of books, which failed to
discover property after house, (or would that be, coop soon after coop?) testifies to the uncanny ability of publishers and agents to NOT spot tomorrow’s hit titles.

What makes a writer GENUINE, the genuine deal?

Lots of people really feel like imposters as they enter occupations. I just read a neat post in the Chronicle of Higher Education by a tenured professor who mentioned he felt like a fake for 5 years ahead of relaxing in front of his classes.

As I see it, you grow to be a writer the moment you come to think that’s what you are, that is what you do. You do not require anyone’s approval or endorsement, and looking for these pats on the back is a waste of time that keeps you from writing.

There is a enormous sector of writers’ “helpers” that argue to the contrary, feathering their nests in the process. They say you require assistance with overcoming your writer’s block, with editing your text, with creating a “writer’s platform,” with promoting your perform to publishers.

But they are selling DEPENDENCY and APPROVAL.

You never need to have them.

Unless, of course, you are a genuine imposter!