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100 As CTP Technologies leader in the field of science and technology Panasonic, is its superior innovation and planet-class technologies improvement capabilities to China. Since 2000, Panasonic concentrated ten years, is committed to building CTP. The Group and the field

Cooperation For development of the Chinese marketplace will create a new predicament.
“Not a machine is best, and only following the user, really feel the machine’s difficulties, shortcomings, to steadily improve.” PanasonicCTP equipment, the total in China

Proxy Yuanda Jiang, basic manager of the field group in the 25 March at the “Panasonic? Regions of dry CTP cum Hong Kong Promotion” on the writer says.

” Print Enterprises to buy a piece of equipment, mostly from three aspects of option, value, quality, service. Of course, various businesses pick to pay interest to the order is not the exact same. “For Panasonic, the value is not the 1st one, the most important issue is to meet consumer wants in numerous ways,” soon after-sales service, a commitment to full the consumer, the second agent as PanasonicCTP China, we want to accomplish Panasonic common needs.

Promotion internet site, area basic manager of Yuanda Jiang delivered a speech group
To light lamp began the Panasonic, its “Panasonic” the name in the planet is nicely-known in recent years, expanding item lines. Panasonic introduced CTPGX-5000 series is undoubtedly the ideal in the market, but for the printing area, which is nonetheless a rookie how to get far more printing companies far better realize and Panasonic goods is a great challenge. Yuan Basic mentioned: “We hope that via this promotion will enable far more consumers to a greater understanding.”

In this presentation to highlight some places of the Group are also invited to obtain intention of clients to expertise that sets a globe leader in CTP plate making speed equipment. Group aims to field such activities, to make much more individuals aware of great CTP equipment, personally really feel this gear is not brought on by the same printing procedure. Printing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, Hong Kong and dry as the 1st domestic company to purchase PanasonicCTP gear, following a number of months of trial, is undoubtedly the most convincing.

About the launch of Panasonic’s CTPGX-5000 series, the device is the 1st domestic users, representatives of the businesses in Hong Kong, mentioned excitedly, “PanasonicCTP really quite excellent, not only more than the printing process to make sure that our high-performance, higher-good quality output needs, and Panasonic created its personal laser imaging technology, so that our plate was a important speed enhancement. “

Is properly known, the laser head is the crucial to a CTP device, the top quality of life, to a big extent determines the top quality of a very good or negative CTP device. The PanasonicCTP with spontaneous only when the exposure of the laser imaging head, in large measure to extend the life of the laser head, the longest life expectancy could Plate 1 million. 4-color printing presses for open terms, the use PanasonicCTP, its quickest speed plate count, every single version requires only 51 seconds, which needs only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to total a version for printing use. And PanasonicCTP via LAN with the company’s function flow application to connect, can be realized with all the main digital printing

Chemical industry To flow seamlessly. “In addition, this equipment is nevertheless really energy-saving
Environmental protection . Extremely low energy consumption, standby power consumption is only .four kilowatts per hour, although the record is only two kW power consumption per hour. In addition, compared to other devices, it also reduces a lot of noise. “Speaking of the representatives of Hong Kong and dry when the trial experience, in complete flight, and he talked about that the GX-5000 Series CTP Another feature of the” environmentally friendly “as a notion, strict control of energy consumption, and noise levels enhanced to a massive extent, recorded only when the noise is equivalent to running a household hood volume. These properties are environmentally friendly with low carbon idea advocated these days with fit.

Will Houjia Bin excited to pay a visit to the “big guy”
Black Dragon Jiang Hongjing Technology Improvement Co., Ltd. General Manager (correct) after the selection to obtain the total location of Yuan Group, Panasonic representatives, representatives of the firms in Hong Kong photo

Promotion site of the companies in Hong Kong and the theories, the use of the most genuine encounter to share with you. But the ears as the virtual, seeing is believing. Right after listening to the introduction of the firms in Hong Kong, all participants are excited to experience this “great guy.” By experts operating in the participants, and answer all the queries, we not only remove the existence of doubts in the minds of many, and, further confirmed the superb PanasonicCTP verify the recommendation created in Hong Kong of the firms in Heilongjiang Hong King Technologies Development Co., Ltd. in the field that is reached with the field of group

Buy Intention, whilst Yuan is usually a concentrate of consideration became the hot spot, a single by one representative of each manufacturer to answer the concerns raised. Emotional intelligence as on-website guests rise, promotion till the finish of the afternoon yet, thick atmosphere, the final total could not Yuan audience that “such a recommendation would be not only time, since every region will be held, when we can to re- far more to find out! “

Postscript: The Promotion is over for some time, the manuscript did not release motives for the delay is simply because the field of Group and I have been repeatedly on each detail, information to be modified. We believe that therapy of a manuscript like this seriously in the field group will use the very same attitude toward each and every of their agents gear to treat each and every customer.

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