Are Ethnic-Distinct Bio-Weapons a Reality?


What could be the most successful military weapon devised other then an Ethnic distinct bio-weapon. At the need of the federal government such a weapon could provide security and protection for a country without having firing a single shot from traditional arms. Do you view this idea as a script for a prospective science fiction film? If so do not jump to that conclusion so fast.

Mexico’s former minister of overall health, Mr. Julio Frenk was the principle creator of the Mexican mapped Gene project. This uncommon scientific investigation was conducted at the Mexican Institute of Genetics which was established by Mexican President Felipe Calderon. This was a extremely secret project with small fan fare getting displayed and slipping totally by the Mexican media. The total project lasted for 4 extended years and consumed about 25 million dollars.

Mr. Frenk is now element of the extended project getting worked at Harvard University right here in America. The results of his perform have been revealed in May of this year. As you may currently be aware Harvard University is but 1 of many educational institutes that are establishing biological weapons for the government. These particular weapons have a tendency to target folks with specific genetic markers. One of the Harvard professors who are at the moment involved in this work is Harvard’s Steve Rosen. Rosen is Professor for courses of study which involve National Security or Military Affairs at the university. He is also a co-author of the book “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” Of interest in his book, Steve states that our combat approaches will be entirely different in the future then what it is now. He goes on to say how we will have sophisticated types of our biological weapons which can successfully target a select group of genotypes.

Competent microbiologists have warned us for years about the achievable development of ethnic type bio-weapons, but no 1 took them seriously. As far back as 1998, the Chief for Overall health of the British Medical Association warned us that some nations had been presently engaged in ethnic bio-weapon development. Israel itself has been reported in the London occasions to have been developing bio-weapons targeting the Arab populations.

Iran in 2007 tried to draw the world’s consideration to the fact that America and Israel have been jointly establishing and testing Arab certain bio-weapons. Iran additional stated that the United States was manufacturing a generation of bio-weapons in there work to immunize their individuals whilst annihilating other nations in the globe. It is highly likely that the Mexican facilities were unwitting participants in this genome project delivering valuable info to be analyzed at a later time at Harvard.

There are at the moment some indications that the current swine flu was developed in a laboratory and not simply a freak of nature. Even though our government prepared admits that the HiN1 is comparable in structure to the Spanish flu of 1918 they fail to fess up to genetically engineered virus. The 1918 Spanish flu was sequenced at the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology by Jeffery Taubenberger. His work has made it attainable to generate a range of viruses displaying distinct traits.

My query at this point in time is no matter whether the pentagon has really implemented their experiment and employed their gained info on actual men and women. Many inquiries quickly come to thoughts such as why Mexicans have been the only men and women to die in such vast numbers with this flu? Even though the flu has speedily spread across North America it has been generally the Mexican populations who have died from it. Throughout the month of May there have been 117 deaths reported as a result of the swine flu. Out of these 117 individuals there have been 115 that had been of Mexican ancestry.
I as a result leave you with these thoughts to take into account. If our government or any government for that matter can genetically target a certain group of men and women who in the planet could be secure?
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