Application Of Renewable Power Building In Chongqing Administration Of Specific Grants


Issued a document by: Chongqing Municipal Construction Committee of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Finance

Symbol: Yu Choi Building 2007 427

Release date :2007-10-31 Implementation date :2007-ten-31 Districts and counties (county) Finance Bureau, Building Committee:

To implement the “State Council published a complete energy conservation plan of operate notice” (Guo Fa [2007] 15) in the spirit of the city to further promote the construction of renewable energy applications, and to standardize the city of renewable energy developing demonstration project in the allocation of particular grant funds, use and management, we developed a “renewable energy building in Chongqing application of special subsidies for demonstration projects Interim Measures”, is hereby issued for implementation.

Chongqing Finance Bureau, Chongqing Municipal Building Commission

Two years on October 31 OO

Chapter I Basic Provisions The very first to implement the “State Council issued a extensive power conservation plan of work notice” (Guo Fa [2007] 15) of the requirements of the city to additional promote the application of renewable energy construction work, increase power efficiency optimize the energy structure and reduce the consumption of primary energy, formulated strategy. Article

The term “renewable energy demonstration project in constructing special subsidies” (hereinafter referred to as unique subsidies), is the specific central and local arrangements for assistance for renewable energy demonstration project of the municipal developing monetary funds.

Article The term “renewable energy construction demonstration project” (hereinafter referred to as demonstration projects), which, beneath state and our city “construction of renewable power demonstration project management approach” into the nation and the city of renewable energy creating demonstration project in the project.

Chapter the use of particular subsidies and subsidy standards

Fourth particular subsidies earmarked funds have to be earmarked for the following:

(A) the buy and installation of constructing energy-related gear

(B) Undertake a comprehensive power efficiency of detection, identification, verification and technical standards in sound and so on.

Post subsidy requirements: (A) the use of renewable power heat pump air-conditioning, according to unit rated cooling capacity of 800 yuan subsidy per kilowatt.

(B) the use of renewable power to give hot water of high temperature heat pump units, by unit rated heating capacity of 900 yuan per kilowatt subsidy.

Article VI of the declaration of specific subsidies for: the implementation of demonstration projects included the building of projects with the following supplies unit reported to the Municipal Building Commission, a particular subsidy fund:

(A) of the Chongqing Municipal Construction of renewable energy demonstration project grant funds particular declaration form (see annex)

(B) the application of renewable energy constructing unique construction drawings (hereinafter referred to as special building drawings)

(C) “Application of the implementation of renewable power creating applications report” (the “Implementation Program Report”)

(D) “renewable power building applications Feasibility Study” (the “Feasibility Study”)

(E) other related materials. Write-up Municipal Building Committee, Municipal Finance Bureau experts below the “distinct construction plans,” “Implementation Plan Report,” “feasibility study” and other building components, renewable energy demonstration project carried out a specific subsidy fund returns reviewed, and problem a selection after assessment. Meet the requirements of the project, the Urban Building Commission in accordance with the requirements had been to supply funds to the Municipal Finance Bureau grants suggestions soon after approval by the Municipal Finance Bureau, which served as the basis for grant funds. Chapter

special subsidies allocated funds Municipal Construction Commission Post VIII, Municipal Finance Bureau has commissioned the developing of acceptable institutional conditions for units of purchase and application of renewable power-related equipment, building components credential verification, and concern opinions to confirm. City Building Committee, Finance Bureau of the project to confirm the correct, the primary device to start the installation, the allocation of specific grant funds 30%.

Write-up Evaluation of power efficiency demonstration projects and unique inspection, the City Construction Committee, Municipal Bureau of Finance below the Power Efficiency Evaluation and unique inspection reports to the relevant requirements on the project, allocate the remaining 70% of the specific subsidies. For failure to meet relevant requirements and requirements of the project, no specific grants allocated to finance the remaining 70%, and recovery of grant funds allocated. Write-up

specific subsidies for centralized management of municipal finance and municipal finance bureau straight appropriated to the reporting unit. Chapter IV Supervision and Administration

Article City Construction Committee, Municipal Financial Bureau of the unique funds allocated to track inspection, in violation of relevant regulations, use of improperly obtained the behavior of monetary unique subsidies, as soon as discovered, will be held according to relevant regulations. Write-up XII of the Urban Building Commission

demonstration projects to strengthen supervision of the implementation method, organizational implementation of the demonstration project, the high quality of energy-saving components, equipment, product functionality, test points in areas such as supervision reserved. Essential, will organize experts to conduct technical guidance on the demonstration project, proposed optimization scheme, the implementation approach to support resolve the issue.

Article XIII of any unit or person may withhold or embezzle funds of particular subsidies, one of the following circumstances, the municipal finance bureau to suspend or stop the disbursement of funds, and processed according to the law: