Application of Big Data in Decision Making for Emergency Healthcare Management


CITATION: Leung, K., & Stevenson, A. (2018). Application of Big Data in Decision Making for Emergency Healthcare Management. International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 5(2), 311-314. doi:10.21276/ijre.2018.5.2.2

Author(s):1Kelvin Tak Yiu Leung, 2Anne Stevenson

Affiliation(s): 1University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland, and Ambulance Service Institute (Hong Kong Branch)2Columbia Southern University, USA

Abstract: Application of big data in healthcare has enhanced efficiency and decision making. This is of critical benefit to patients, healthcare professionals and the healthcare institution. Although various research studies have examined the application of big data analytics in healthcare, few studies have explored its application in emergency medicine. This research study explored the application of big data in emergency medicine in facilitating decision making among paramedics and other healthcare practitioners. Appropriate research studies were identified and reviewed systematically to explore the theme of the study. The study found that big data promoted decision making in emergency medicine through the predictor models, which enabled the healthcare practitioners make informed judgments concerning patient care.

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