Appliances “comparative Test” When Total “curtain”?


2007 1 11, China High quality Association, the National Customers Committee, quality magazine published by the tripartite joint organization of the refrigerator, washing machine checks the functionality of “comparative test” final results. Subsequently, the media quoted the results of the report made the following content: “3 refrigerator energy consumption and marked discrepancies”, “two noise machine washing fairly massive noise and dehydration.”?? Similar message directly affect the portion of the appliance enterprise industry. A ripple, the household electrical appliance enterprises have reacted strongly, have asked China to clarify the matter High quality Association.

The outcomes are somewhat


“Comparison test” of the organizers in the details provided to the media, mentioned: “comparative test” the prototype extraction method is “purchase at the mall as consumer sampling.” The test results, mentioned: “goods in the refrigerator, the cooling capacity and noise control in general good but Hisense refrigerator (Model BCD-186U6) in the effective volume and the power efficiency indices slightly inferior. Hisense refrigerator (Model BCD-186U6) The new flight refrigerator (Model BCD-179CK) and Meiling refrigerator (Model BCD-199ZM2) the existence of nominal energy consumption value than the actual test outcomes of the phenomenon, Meiling refrigerator (Model BCD-199ZM2) power efficiency index inconsistent with the nominal value. “” items in the washing machine, power saving, water saving functionality are greater, simply because washing the design and style in diverse ways, different brands of cleaning and noise handle than there were particular variations. Among them, the Samsung washing machine (Model To XQB60-M71) and Panasonic washing machine (model XQB60-Q600U) washing the reasonably large noise, noise and dehydration. “

News conference, the reporter consulted on this matter specialists in the relevant requirements, the authorities pointed out that such a release product overall performance, and to make qualitative assessments, would mislead shoppers, its credibility is worth doubt.

“The publication of any product overall performance common and test information are based. The refrigerator according to national requirements and energy efficiency standards for refrigerators, power-efficient goods and test value of the nominal value of the power efficiency of its provisions within the permitted level errors, energy consumption and the nominal value of the gap as extended as the variety of allowable error, the solution is certified. “The professional additional stressed that as the external test atmosphere, test conditions and test equipment are probably to lead to test different values and nominal value of the error, so lengthy as they are in the same power efficiency level, the solution does not match the nominal power consumption is perfectly regular, it is tough to find third-celebration testing and solution worth of the nominal value of completely consistent with refrigerators.

Though the organizers claimed the

“comparative test” results from the national high quality supervision and testing center come home appliances, but the organizational side of the news release, there is no particular data have been released, but to indicate the overall performance of star way in the society. Organizers provided to the media in the two kind impressively marked a variety of branded merchandise target a variety of functionality star.

“This efficiency is the basis of published exactly where? No matter whether the needs of the normal test? In the absence of supervision, there is no particular test information publicized case, the third party themselves into a star indicators you trust?” Hisense related are filled with righteous indignation that.

Reporter investigated by sampling the refrigerator fundamentally a state of power efficiency items are 180L ~ 200L volume among the fundamental price of the very same grade, are about two,000 yuan (see Table 1). In accordance with national requirements, the efficiency of these goods need to be small distinction. As a result, it is business question: “products are in line with national standards, the standard error of the provisions is limited, so item functionality must be similar. We have not seen in the case of detection of specific information, how can the product’s release a massive efficiency gap? a star and 5-star of that? This is irresponsible. more questionable motives behind the experiment. “

Checks? Comparison test?

Comparison test benefits in the fourth day of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association released the benefits of comparative tests of the main square qualification testing approach and test results of the Division are questioned.