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tags Repeated calls, the National Science Residence Appliances “TM” implementation of the measures recently introduced.

“The news is not stated to have introduced ‘TM to’ the implementation of the rules, why is my old Tv can not modify it now?” Yesterday afternoon, a mall in the city in a brand Television

Sell The counter, holding an old Television to the residence “for the” new Television Hui, sales employees were told, and now can not get state subsidy payments.

Truth, issued three days ago, “home appliances TM to the implementation of measures”, a detailed description of the ‘TM to’ distinct processes and operations. This reporter lately visited several big appliances to Hangzhou stores and big supermarkets of home appliances sales, head of the majority of electronics stores that are not introduced “TM”, as to which brands will participate in will have to sell under a variety of brand program.

Implementation measures at the national edition, the did not show “TM” property appliance sales organization, waste recycling and dismantling company’s list, and these “pilot provinces and relevant departments will be finalized by the tender.”

Enterprise Edition “TM” Intended to enhance sales “Asked the, Water heater ‘TM to’ only to a specific variety. “” No matter what kind of old Television refrigerator, all arrived in price by 500 yuan, a loss of that business is not dead, there is such a great thing? “In a regional forum on the appliance” TM “in the post led to users of hot. Yesterday, a residence appliance industry, stated to reporters that,” ‘TM to’ as a enterprise promotion means of existence for this, but genuinely get state subsidies, and possibly need to have some time. “

A electrical retailer in the Chin-chun on the road, the reporter located that specific well-known domestic brand Television is “TM.” Sales personnel, who began from the Dragon Boat Festival later on this activity. Reporter asked about the “TM” The particular processes, sales staff mentioned the “TM” is not in accordance with the manner prescribed by the State, but the enterprise out of their pocket, under the acquire price of the new Tv conversion. “Cost cuts.”

Reporter noted that in the retailers, the like
Washing machine , Refrigerators, computer systems, air conditioners are classified as to participate in the “TM” Most of the electrical activity has not yet started the implementation of this policy. Meanwhile, imports of household appliances, a sales official stated, only domestic brand to participate in this occasion, foreign brands can not participate.

In Carrefour, but two Television brands have their own “TM” campaign, a movement no other electrical appliances. An air conditioning salesman told reporters that he was aware of the policy issued by the State, but he did not know why has not began.

A enterprise frankly, operating on the market place these days, “TM” was mainly a promotional tool, but has been carried out prior to. “Most will decide on to participate in activities of larger value merchandise, by way of drive sales activities.” In other words, the current appliance shops, “TM” activities are household electrical appliances makers, merchants their business practices, not a state-subsidized .

The true issues of the public preference margins
“If I Jiujia Dian worth than the benefits of the hundreds of dollars even much more useful, then I am not but shed it? Recovery need to be rated according to high quality to do.” Consumers have questions, a use the 2035’s colour Television and spent ten years how to determine the recovery of costs.

Reporter noted, the state version of “TM” strategy in the implementation of “Jiu Jiadian” pricing is still vague, strategy only needs to be successful recycling organization promised to “reasonable price” acquire. “Sales there is area for negotiation on the component of itself, buyers are capable to take pleasure in the benefits in the end will depend on no matter whether buyers to take pleasure in the subsidies, soon after bargaining.