Anniversary Of A Life-saving Innovation In Automobiles – The Airbag

tags 30 years ago, the very first series-production vehicle equipped with an airbag left the Mercedes-Benz assembly line following 13 years of improvement time for the initial driver airbag at Mercedes-Benz. According to the US National Highway Site visitors Security Administration (NHTSA), the airbag has saved far more than 28,000 human lives in the USA to date. Given that October 1992 a driver airbag has been regular gear in all passenger cars bearing the Mercedes star. The NHTSA states that when compared to an occupant not wearing a seat belt in a vehicle with no airbag, the statistical probability of fatal injury with an airbag and seat belt is 61 percent lower.

Contemporary vehicles are obtaining safer with protective systems that are becoming far more and far more intelligent:

* Belt tensioners improve the protective effect of seat belts
* Multi-stage airbags respond according to accident severity
* The handle systems for these onboard security characteristics now have the processing power of the supercomputers used in space exploration 25 years ago

Regardless of the huge quantity of lives saved, as nicely as continuous improvements to these protection systems, sceptics still sometimes pose the query regardless of whether the airbag can also be harmful. Many studies have shown the effectiveness of airbag systems since their inception.

One study conducted by the NHTSA published in January 2009 documents the following details:

Because their introduction, airbags have saved a total of

* 28,244 lives in the USA
* 23,127 drivers of whom13,999 have been not wearing a seat belt
* 5117 front passengers of whom 2883 have been not wearing a seat belt

All safety authorities agree that the airbag can in no way be a substitute for seat belts. It is only in conjunction with a seat belt that it becomes an optimally coordinated system that demonstrably makes a key contribution to the prevention of serious or fatal injuries to the occupants throughout severe accidents.

Nowadays, there are two sorts of airbag of airbag in use. The frontal airbag is constructed into the location in front of the driver and passenger and protects from a frontal crash. Side effect airbags shield the vehicle occupants from a side influence. In 2006, Honda became the 1st manufacturer to set up airbags in motorcycles.

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