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tags Lately at the “2009 China International Details Telecommunications Exhibition Expo “on China Telecom No know all its new item ” Mobile Navigation “appearance.” Mobile Navigation “by China Telecom Cooperation Association of Science and Technology Improvement Partnership, is a quantity based on the BREW platform and service resources one hundred mobile GPS navigation solution line, is the quantity of know all the main functions of the client computer software module. Analysys of

Analysys International (AnalysysInternational) evaluation, No. 100 item combines navigation and mobile navigation no know all the solutions and content resources to provide intensive solutions for users, while a greater significance lies in mobile navigation industry as a complete supplies can learn from the new profit model.

Existing mobile navigation primary profit model into two categories: 1 is mobile worth-added solutions-primarily based finish-user payment model one is pre-installed software program, terminal producers to be charged License charge model. With the gradual impact of the Internet sector, the characteristics of the mobile space, the new enterprise model with these two business models will coexist in the marketplace. No. one hundred

distinct to the particular navigation merchandise, Analysys International (AnalysysInternational) that the quantity of navigation services and know all their original details query has a excellent meeting point, life details search function can be further expanded navigation user groups, not additional restricted to driving a loved ones, walking, public transport user groups had been simply the path a lot more challenging to attract and guide function, will now probably to be attracted to live search try to use (but these customers spend directly for services and willingness to nonetheless comparatively low).

From the organization model point of view, the combination of navigation and live search, making the company by means of Advertising And trading patterns into profit as feasible, and this is the number originally know all of profit model, so there will not be operating in a smooth transition too challenging.

Summary, Analysys International (AnalysysInternational) analysis, No. 100 navigation merchandise for mobile navigation application developers and the local classification of living data services provider of solution innovation has a positive reference. Analysys

2009 Second Annual New Media Advertising and marketing will be held on November 5 in Beijing. In the case of display will be exciting comment, the high end of market authorities to broaden the dialogue view mobile navigation application developers a comprehensive, in-depth expertise of new media marketing and advertising, new media marketing and advertising ideas from the “points” outlined in the “face.” Annual Meeting will also help them to make flexible use of new media advertising tools, instances from other manufacturers locate cooperation possibilities and create an updated enterprise model, the diversification of profit model.

Analysys recommendations For the Association of Science and Technologies and China Telecom:
No. one hundred as function of implantation, user groups will not be restricted motorists to the need for additional segmentation of merchandise and solutions to meet the wants of diverse levels, such as non-motorists to only supply simplified navigation capabilities, but not collection of costs (profit models for free of charge pattern diversity tends to make this feasible).

To other navigation application developers: Comments

can actively try to network, network and other equivalent web sites do-absolutely nothing cooperation, to expand its POI, although on the web orders by way of the user access to such signifies as expanding into profitable trading patterns.