An Appreciation of John Davidson – Healing With Subtle Power


In the late 80′ early in my search to locate wellness care with no the modern day M.D. and their synthetic chemical society I became immersed in the science of the mystical as a portion of my search to discover overall health along with a deeper which means of life. I was impressed by author John Davidson’s book Subtle Energy (1987) His perform surveys the healing qualities of subtle level healing tools involved in both Eastern and Western medicine: His investigation takes us to regions properly documented but employed tiny except by all-natural healers as:

? Mysticism
? The Elements
? Chakras
? Healing Polarities
? Harmony
? Pulsors
? Crystals
? Magnetic Therapy
? Electromagnetic Pollution
? Bioelectricity
? Subtle Energy Interface
? Feng Shui
? Paramids
? Shape
? Color

Davisdson tells these numerous subtle energies play a component in the all-natural economy of the planet and humanity. How these energies are detected:

? The Aura
? Charisma
? Dowsing

Davison describes subtle energies as larger levels of energy beginning just beyond our regular perceptive abilities. They are often seen as a scintillating, sparkling, rainbow impact about objects creating them look practically transparent. Like an inward sub-atomic structure. Subtle energies are blueprints of denser forms of matter and power. It represents the energy matrix where our visible universe is manifested.

Discover more:

? The Net of Life: Life Force – The Energetic Constitution of Man and the Neuro-Endocrine Connection (1988) helped me recognize of the subtle structure and anatomy of man, displaying how it hyperlinks to modern day physiology and biochemistry

? The Secret of the Creative Vacuum, Man and the Power Dance (1989) Showed me how the energy fabric of space provides us a model of how to make sense of psychic phenomena and how numerous existing forms of subtle healing operate including homeopathy, radionics, Bach remedies and other individuals perform

? All-natural Creation and the Formative Thoughts (1991) demonstrate that the physical universe is only a level of perception. Described is how we reside in a planet of being rather than substance.

? All-natural Creation of Organic Choice, A Total New Theory of Evolution (1992) tells us that if we apply an understanding of the formative thoughts we will see how the fossil record is in accord with the universal philosophy expressed by mystics all through the ages.

Now 21 years later Davison has added a lifetime of study and documentation to support us along our way. His assist in teaching me to Be My Personal Doc are deeply appreciated.