Almost fifty Britons died in the hospital due to taking unnecessary painkillers

Almost fifty Britons died in the hospital due to taking unnecessary painkillers

More than 450 patients of the British hospital of the city of Gosport (Gosport) died due to taking opioid analgesics, which they were groundlessly prescribed.

The independent commission, which operated from the hospital in 2014 to find out the causes of the patients’ death, concluded that between 1989 and 2000, a medical facility operated according to which patients were given dangerous doses of opioids without the necessary reasons. In the report prepared by the commission it is said that “the value of human life was neglected” in many cases, and warnings from nurses caring for patients were ignored.

Responsible for the appointment of drugs in the report is called Dr. Jane Barton (Jane Barton). She knew that her patients prescribed high doses of opioids, and her leadership, and her subordinates, but nobody wanted to interfere with her actions or could not.

Patients at the hospital, mostly elderly people or people who were in the terminal patients’ hospital, administered diamorphine (the medical name of heroin) – it was received by those who did not experience pain, and the prescribed dose was not selected individually for each patient.

Patients who, despite serious diagnoses, felt well and could self-service, after the introduction of drugs stopped getting up from bed, began to sleep a lot and soon died.

Now the experts managed to obtain data on the causes of death of 456 patients, but they have suspicions that at least 200 people have died because of the unjustified prescription of opioid analgesics. Confirmations to this could not be obtained, since the documents confirming the taking of medications by them have been lost.

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