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tags 1, alloy round Saw Tablets in a number of elements can not be ignored when grinding

1, substrate deformation of a massive, inconsistent thickness, the hole tolerance huge. Congenital defects in the substrate issues, whether those types of equipment used, there grinding error. Substrate deformation on the two large side angle deviations base inconsistent thickness and edge angle on the front soon after all deviations, if there is excessive accumulation of tolerances, blade seriously affected the good quality and accuracy.

two, grinding machine structure effects on the grinding teeth. Alloy saw blade grinding machine structure and assembly is very good or poor, about Two Types of machines at the moment on the market: a single is the German variety of floating ink Seoul. Vertical mill of this kind Pin Advantage of the hydraulic stepless all sports, all the feeding system with V-guide rail and ball screw work Grinding head Or by feed of arm gradually forward, rewind back knife, clip tank regulation of the heart, flexible and reputable support piece, pulling teeth and accurate positioning of the saw blade positioning heart powerful self-centering, any angle adjustment, cooling wash reasonable realization of man machine interface, grinding off higher precision grinding of pure rational style second category that is now horizontal, such as Taiwan and Japan models, there is mechanical transmission Gear And mechanical clearance sliding dovetail accuracy, stable overall performance clip low, difficult adjustment help piece heart, pulling teeth institutions or poor reliability, and the plane left and correct sides of heart right after the horn is not a grinding, resulting in large deviation angle tough to handle, mechanical Wear disaster to guarantee accuracy.

three, welding factor. Welding alloy on the degree of deviation and impact grinding precision, resulting in fantastic stress even though grinding head while pressure is small, these variables create the very same right after the angle, welding angle difference, the inevitable human aspect, both on the grinding Grinding wheel And other aspects impact the production can not be avoided.

four, wheel width of the good quality and size. Gold films chosen running wheel, spend focus to wheel size, granularity is as well rough grinding wheel produced traces of grinding wheel grinding use fine grain size, much less straightforward to plug and straightforward burning knife. Grinding wheel diameter and wheel width of the thickness of the width or length primarily based alloys and alloys of distinct tooth surfaces in all the situations, not a horn or the front wheel the very same size can be any different from tooth grinding, and absolutely targeted to the varieties of Specifications wheel.

five, grinding feed price. Alloy saw blade grinding entirely excellent or undesirable decision grinding feed rate, generally alloy saw blade feed price from .five to 6 mm / s can not exceed this worth. That every minute must be 20 teeth, the ultra in each and every minute 20 tooth feed price is too big, could have critical knife tumor or burn alloy wheel created concave surface have an effect on the accuracy waste grinding wheel.

six, grinding feed rate, wheel size utilised on the feed volume is very important. Basic grinding wheel recommendation to use 180 # 240 # 240 # to use the most, not to use 280 # 280 # to 320 #, or to adjust the feed rate.

7, grinding center. All the saw blade and the matrix for the grinding of the heart, rather than the knife for the thoughts, heart not even pull out grinding, horn, front center with processing can not put on good a saw blade, saw blade grinding 3 heart procedures can not be ignored. Grinding side angle was still very carefully observe the alloy thickness, thickness of the heart modify with different grinding, no matter how the alloy thickness, surface grinding wheel center line when welding position must be maintained in a straight line, otherwise the effect of cutting production angle difference.

eight, pulling teeth institutions can not be ignored. No matter how the structure of any grinding, pulling teeth grinding coordinate accuracy of the design and style of style to top quality, transfer machine needle pulling teeth tooth surface stress in a reasonable position, and not with the move is crucial, when the back teeth, pulling teeth claws should be flexible and dependable.

9, clip by: clip strong physique stable and trustworthy high quality is the principal part of the Brothers, when the clip bodies of any knife is not the slightest loosening, or grinding teeth seriously out of manage bias.

10, grinding trip. Whether any part of the saw blade grinding, grinding head grinding trip is really crucial, generally demand grinding wheel or out beyond the workpiece 1 mm 1 mm is suitable, otherwise the tooth surface produces two blades.

11, plan choice: Brothers General settings are rough and fine grinding select 3 diverse procedures, depending on the item specifications, we chosen the last corner ahead of the grinding process advised for fine grinding.