Albert Einstein – Proof of the Paranormal?


In this contemporary world of ours, it is straightforward to accept science as our benefactor and religion as our enemy. All about us we continually see the miracles that science and engineering gives us. But when we turn to religion, we expertise handful of if any genuine miracles ourselves. In place of the concrete evidence we desperately need, we are generally told basically to accept hearsay, with the result that we are often left with little reward to show for our faith. And all as well frequently, in reality, we locate ourselves feeling far far more confused by religion than enlightened.

Offered this bias in favor of science more than religion that appears to exist in our planet right now, is there any explanation for a person to think that science’s view of the planet may not be entirely precise or comprehensive? Could our scientists possibly be overlooking one thing rather peculiar and critical about the way the globe actually operates? Could there be a considerable spiritual or paranormal aspect to our existence that we have somehow overlooked or that has intentionally been hidden from us?

I think there is, and I believe that I have identified some rather convincing evidence in assistance of that belief. But the proof I have to supply is not found in some sort of proof of either extrasensory perception or ghosts. Nor is it located in astrology, tarot cards, numerology or other, frequently alleged paranormal phenomena. Rather the evidence I have stumbled upon can incredibly be discovered within a single name: Albert Einstein.

Naturally, this is going to take a bit of explaining.

A couple years ago I began to study the English language in earnest. When I say “study”, however, I do not mean that I studied English grammar, composition and/or etymology as one may possibly usually do in high school or college. Rather, I mean that I started to study English words as though they had been from some sort of ancient, as however to be deciphered language, like Mycenaean Linear A.

And what I found by way of such research was rather outstanding. Particularly, I found that every letter in the Latin alphabet (which is also the English alphabet) appears to have a set of distinct meanings connected with it. Even though most linguists normally assume that a word like bridge is merely a random sequence of sounds and letters that, more than time, happened to become related with a certain object, I identified that the letters in words like bridge do not seem to be random at all alternatively, the letters in bridge and a lot of words like it appear as if to have been very carefully selected primarily based on the meanings linked with them.

As exceptional as these discoveries may sound, I also found yet another rather curious phenomenon. Specifically, I located that, when names have been translated primarily based on their letter meanings, the resulting translations appeared to describe essential events and/or other considerable facts connected to the folks and places named. And, as it occurs, the name Albert Einstein illustrates that phenomenon extremely effectively.

Each high college student, of course, knows the name Albert Einstein. Einstein was the physicist who came up with the Basic Theory of Relativity, a theory that efficiently rewrote the book when it came to mankind’s understanding of the physical universe. And equally popular as is Einstein’s name is his formula: e = mc2.  Einstein’s name and formula are so nicely known, in reality, that they have actually turn into synonymous the mere mention of 1 immediately evokes the other.

What numerous high school students don’t presently know, nonetheless, is that Einstein’s name, when translated utilizing the letter meanings I identified, can only be described as miraculous.  Making use of the letter meanings I identified, Einstein’s very first name Albert can be translated as “beneath surface round object, out of movement that” and his last name, Einstein, can be translated as “out of within related, c associated c, that out of light associated”. The significance of those translations might not be quickly obvious to you, so I will clarify what they appear to represent.

Both translations seem to be related to the physics of tiny particles. “Beneath surface round object”, for example, seems to be a description of an atom. “Out of movement that” appears to be a reference to the kinetic energy of the atom. “Out of inside related” seems to be a description of mass, which is an intrinsic house of matter. “C associated c” can be noticed as being equivalent to c2, and “that out of light connected” can be seen as indicating that the “c related c” has anything to do with light and probably, even far more specifically, to the movement of light. Taken with each other, in fact, Albert Einstein’s 1st name appears to accurately describe the left side of his renowned equation even though his final name appears to accurately describe the correct side of the equation.

Do you discover this amazing? I do.

But this apparent name identity correspondence phenomenon is not at all limited to Einstein’s name. I have also found it applies to other names: George Gamow, Jerusalem, Chretien, Chernobyl, and numerous other names of men and women, places and even fictional characters. My Olin Revelation internet site, in truth, really provides translations–of admittedly varying degrees of apparent correspondence–for these and a number of hundred other names.

Of course I recognize that all of the information that I have just presented as nicely as that which can be found on my site regarding this phenomenon does not specifically prove the validity of the letter meanings I have identified. Critics will argue, and rightly so, that the apparent accuracy of the letter meanings could just be the outcome of pure possibility and/or to perceptual biases akin to apophenia. For scientists to really accept such claims regarding the which means of letters as true, the claims need to be rigorously tested.

And that is, in truth, my hope. The claims I have produced can be disproved. By randomly assigning the meanings I have identified to completely distinct letters and then synthesizing a set of translations that are equally convincing as these found on my website, the association among the meanings I have identified and the letters can be shown to be irrelevant.

In the conflict in between science and the paranormal, science cannot always have the luxury of deciding on its battles. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Now I believe that it is time for science to pick it up.