Air Flow Sensor, Etc. About 5 Automobiles With Sensors


Vehicle Sensor A automobile laptop technique input devices, which run the automobile in a variety of conditions of data, such as speed, temperature of various media, Engine Operating situations, and so forth. into the personal computer lost the telecommunications quantity to the engine in top operating condition. Several vehicle sensors to establish when the sensor malfunction ought to not only consider the sensor itself, but ought to contemplate the failure of the complete circuit. Consequently, to locate fault, in addition to check the sensors, we must also verify the wiring harness, connectors and sensors and electronic control unit of the circuit among. Now we come to know about the car’s principal sensor.

Air Flow Sensor Air flow sensor is inhaled into the air Telecommunications No. sent to the electronic handle unit (ECU), as the decision to spray a single of the basic signal. According to various measuring principle, can be divided into rotary vane air flow sensor (PREVIA Toyota station wagon), Karman vortex air flow sensor Tour (Toyota Lexus LS400 sedan), Hot-wire Air Flow Sensor (Nissan Maxima automobile

VG30E engines and domestic passenger TJ6481AQ4 Tianjin Sanfeng equipped with the Volvo B230F engine) and the hot-film air flow sensor for the 4 sorts. Volume flow rate for the initial two varieties, the latter two for the mass flow type. Currently the main use of hot wire and hot-film air flow sensor air flow sensor two.

Inlet stress sensor Inlet pressure sensor can detect the engine load circumstances within the intake manifold absolute pressure, and converted into electrical signals and sent to the laptop with the speed signal, as the selection to the simple fuel injection amount of injector basis. Domestic Audi one hundred Car (V6 engine), Santana 2000, Beijing Cherokee (25L engines), Toyota Crown three. vehicle all adopts such a pressure sensor. Is now broadly used Semiconductor Stress-sensitive Resistance Inlet air pressure sensor.

Throttle Position Sensor Throttle position sensor installed in the throttle, the throttle is utilised to detect the opening. It is through the lever physique and throttle linkage, and as a result reflect the different engine operating conditions. This sensor can be the engine of the distinct circumstances tested and enter the electronic handle unit (ECU), thereby control the quantity of diverse fuel injection. There are 3 sorts: make contact with-variety switch Throttle Position Sensor (Santana 2000 and Tianjin trimodal bus), linear variable resistor-kind throttle position sensor (Beijing Cherokee), integrated throttle position sensor (Audi 100 V6 engine).

Crankshaft Position Sensor Also identified as crank angle sensor, a pc-controlled ignition system, the most critical sensors, whose part is to detect the TDC signal, crank angle signal and engine speed signals, and entered into the pc so the computer can press cylinder The ignition sequence of instructions issued by the greatest ignition timing. Crankshaft position sensor, there are three varieties: electromagnetic pulse crankshaft position sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor Hall Impact (Santana 2000 and Beijing Cherokee), the photoelectric effect-sort crankshaft position sensor. Crankshaft position sensor is diverse, its control and the control precision are various. Crankshaft position sensor is usually installed on the crankshaft pulley or sprocket side, some installed in the camshaft front, and some are installed in Distributor (Santana 2000).

Knock Sensor Knock sensor installed in the engine’s cylinder on the predicament at any time to monitor the engine knock. At the moment utilized are resonant and non-resonant two categories.

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