Advanced Angling Technologies


Some of the advanced strategies used by fisherman today are:

Downrigging- The capacity to handle depth (with a downrigger) to give the angler maximum handle. Downriggers can be costly in the up market electric versions with pin-point accuracy in depth monitoring, but low cost manual alternatives a fantastic way to get began. A weight or “bomb” is lowered with the downrigger on a wire to the essential depth of the lake,dam and so forth, the fishing line coming from the line of the fishing rod is attached with a “release clip”  to the wire of the downrigger after the line is set out the necessary distance away from the boat. This approach allows the angler to spot his lure away from the boat and to support target fish much deeper in the water whilst moving or trolling.

Soft Plastics- soft plastics are considerably like difficult bodied lure in that they mimic small aquatic creatures or shad (tiny fish). The difference is of course the soft nature of the soft plastic lure. These lures now have taken radical advancment in technology and now come in extremely realistic patterns and designs, some even contain a scent to attract a lot more fish and some have reflective holographic flashy inlays to attract even much more fish. Also these baits can also come in a bio degradable form so the fish can really eat them!. They also are not as dangerous on the fishing enviroment most anglers wish to preserve.

Fly Fishing- Fishing has of course been around for a extremely lengthy time but, fly fishing has now become an elite sport accounting for numerous saltwater and freshwater species. Ultra light extended fly rods are now even getting developed for the kayak fisherman and an ever escalating range of flys wet and dry are made to account for almost all target species of recreational anglers.

These are but only a handful of of the different techniques to catch fish getting created every day but the old worm and heavy rod will always have a place in our hearts.