Adolf Hitler could flee from besieged Berlin to Colombia

Adolf Hitler could flee from besieged Berlin to Colombia

Adolf Hitler could flee from besieged Berlin to Colombia

The Central Intelligence Agency declassified some documents that related to the assassination of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy. These documents indicate that the founder of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, built up his suicide and then fled to Colombia, where he continued to live with his beloved Eva Braun.
Of course, there is no direct evidence that Adolf Hitler could have avoided death, and declassified data are only indirect evidence that the Führer, after his defeat in World War II, went to Latin America.

The documents contain the words of one of the intelligence informants of the United States. He told about an ex-SS Philippe Citroen. After the end of the war, he went on a monthly basis to meet with Hitler, who was hiding in Colombia. According to Citroen, the Führer lived under the surname Schrittelmeier. In support of his words, the former SS man once took a photograph, in which he was sealed together with a man very similar to Hitler. The photo was taken in 1954.

After a while, Hitler went to Argentina, where he continued his life.

Recall, according to the official version, on April 30, 1945 Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide. Before his death, the Führer ordered that their bodies be burned. After the capture of Berlin, Stalin created a secret group, which consisted of only 3 people. Their main task was to search for evidence of Hitler’s death. The group included the writer Elena Rzhevskaya, who found the jaws of Hitler among the remains, and also obtained a medical map of the Fuhrer with a detailed description of the seals available to the German leader. It was these data that became the main evidence of the death of Adolf Hitler.

But some experts are not sure that the founder of the Third Reich could commit suicide. As a result, Western historians began to publish materials that Hitler’s death is in fact a well-established legend, which in fact is far from the truth.

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