Adding A Generator To An Electric Vehicle To Generate Regeneration – Producing Cost-free Electrical energy

tags What you are trying to get at is named a “perpetual power machine” which means the machine itself makes all of its own energy to run itself. This by scientific law is not possible. There have been “perpetual clocks” made back in the 30’s that did run for Long periods of time with no becoming rewound. But an engine would By no means be in a position to do this. It requires far too significantly power to run a automobile, to do one thing simple as connect a generator to the electric engine, and run the generator off the brakes. If it was that easy, an individual would have invented it by now. (Somebody in their garage i imply) not just the automotive sector. Ever heard the scientific quote “energy can not be produced, nor destroyed, it can only be “changed” ??? You are attempting to “generate energy” from absolutely nothing my friend. And that is scientific LAW not theory.

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When I was six years old I believed of that: Hook a generator to a motor and give it a SPIN! Generator generates electricity—– generator powers the motor —– motor turns generator!!!! Profit! But the pesky laws of Thermodynamics get in the way. A couple of % of the energy gets lost on each and every loop by means of due to friction, magnetic losses, electrical losses…… Within a couple of seconds items come to a quit. Even if the motor and generator have been 100% efficient, at best you’d have perpetual motion. With practically nothing left over to use to move a vehicle or what ever.

Don’t get fooled by the free of charge lunch! Newton was certain in saying each and every action has an equal an opposite reaction. This applies to Every thing! He was verified right. To drive your generator you need to have to power it with power getting spent by the batteries of the vehicle and robbing the method to do a redundant task. There will also be a cost of current due to heat in the generator and resistance in the lines. I code this myth BUSTED.

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