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tags HC Valve Network: Nation Hardware Tool broadly used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, Auto And the defense business and other fields, with the abrasive machining, geology drill and stone cutting tools, manufacturing technologies has significantly enhanced. Solution series has been formed, standardization, varieties and specifications, solution good quality and stability of some goods in the international marketplace has specific competitive.

Despite the fact that our production of various diamond tools are extensively utilised in various industries, and accomplished important economic rewards, but the technologies level compared with related foreign products nevertheless have a specific gap among the major features:

1. The complete sector, the lack of unified management and macro-handle. As the blind development, hardware and tools, especially the production of diamond tools for the layout had scattered and chaotic scenario blossom everywhere, tools Sell Market, item good quality unstable, disorderly competition, price tag confusion.

two. Tools and gear and the overall technical level of production is fairly backward, some of the much more sophisticated new technologies, market the use of new technology slower.

three. Producers modest scale of production is not concentrated, poor technologies, lack of market place competitiveness, financial efficiency is not higher.

four. Tools of production and new solution development, technologies investigation in the field of capital shortage.

five. In the tool in the course of use, the base material utilized, steel waste.

Create hardware tools business, pay close consideration to new goods, new technology development, accelerating development of hardware tools market in China, boost financial efficiency and general technical level. Certain techniques are:

1. Tool industry investment, spend close consideration to the development of new items and new technologies, the promotion of new technology, continually expand the application places of diamond, diamond tools for industry to increase the general technological level and industry competitiveness, selection, top quality of survival, to technological progress and development.

two. To meet the requirements of domestic and international tools market, we must accelerate the development of new merchandise, improve product quality, improve item selection, improve production. In current years, machinery, valuable stones, Medical Devices , Wood, glass, steel, stone handicrafts, ceramics and composite non-metallic challenging and brittle supplies, the field of diamond tools for processing the demand increases each year, at present, these goods are domestic or imported, have to be developed as soon as feasible the a variety of series of high-quality tools to replace imports. At present, the urgent development of the solution are: Oil PDC drilling bits, diamond grinding stone polishing block Project Drill bit, diamond honing stone, diamond film coating tools, diamond wheel, rubber, plastic-bonded diamond tools, PCD diamond tools, diamond needle, nozzle, diamond heat sinks and transistors and other goods. To guarantee the top quality of their items, we have to accelerate new technologies, the promotion of new technologies, such as vacuum welding, spark sintering, diamond uniform technique, diamond-plated iridium-based technologies and metal bonding method, laser welding technology.

3. To strengthen internal management, and continuously boost the production approach, decrease production charges, enhance economic efficiency.

4. Take the Group or a joint venture, forming a number of huge enterprise groups, to guide improvement of the market to develop their personal brand, and actively participate in international competitors. Scientific and technological progress, growing scientific and technological input, update equipment, spend close focus to new technologies, new processes, new goods, research and extension, enhance the technological level of China’s hardware sector.