Academy of Couture Art – Profession Highlight


Getting achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Style and a couple of quarters away from achieving her Bachelor of Science in Pattern Style (Pattern Generating), Christina Manolescu embarks on a career that is “…beyond what I ever believed I would obtain.”

Last quarter she began operating freelance as a pattern maker for a number of different design companies. Her 1st experience was with couturier Roberto De Villacis on a handful of garments that were produced-to-measure for his fit model. “She was so stunned by the match that she wanted to take the muslin cut property!” At the very same time, Christina embarked on her initial custom wedding gown, embroidery and all.

Next adventure in the business, children’s put on. “This will be my first time to integrate the techniques of modern haute couture, which is usually calculated for the woman, to children’s wear.” Simpler than she thought, she introduced an elegant standard pattern block that the business had not yet created to bring consistency in production. Her first project was the cutest small coat you can think about. “I genuinely like this kind of operate. I can perform when I want, where I want.”

At the moment she is employed element-time in the business atelier and freelance in her studio creating patterns and leading consultations amongst style designer and seamstress for a local Parisian luxury leather clothing business.

Her first project brought in a couple of hundred dollars. The second one received critiques that have been unimaginable a handful of years back when she transferred style colleges to specialize in contemporary haute couture practices. “Our seamstress, who has been over thirty years in the company, said that my pattern was the most sophisticated and straightforward to execute that she has ever seen.” This came on the very same day that the owner, former match model for the couture runways in Paris, attempted on the muslin of her second project. “No fitting was required, and I think she’s maintaining this 1 for herself. It cascaded down so elegantly It was gorgeous!”

A lot more projects are on the pattern table. Christina has just been approached to make custom garments for a lady with unique proportions. “Her size is bigger on leading, creating it difficult to discover anything becoming for her variety of figure.”

“I never believed I would be in a position to make pieces like crazy complex motorcycle jackets and custom garments to bring out the unique beauty in all. The methods at Academy of Couture Art are so straightforward and so sophisticated. This is great! To the students, take lots of notes this is your bread and butter.”