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flickr YeePay – Back to Fundamentals with Telephone Payments

In a industry exactly where most other third-party payment organizations concentrate on on the internet or mobile-primarily based platforms, YeePay has as an alternative focused on phone payments. Yeepay management believes that going “back to the basics” with telephone payments will greater encourage Chinese customers to acquire the habit to make payments by means of third-party payment companies rather than with cash. Yeepay also gives on the web payment and mobile payment services which are added payment channels with which the company will rely on for future growth.

Crucial Topics Covered

YeePay focuses on IVR-primarily based telephone payments and has an integrated solution with four of Chinas primary banks.

The company provides payment solutions by means of 3 distinct payment channels – phone, online, and mobile.

YeePay has replaced PayPal China as Eachnets exclusive payments provider.

The management team has powerful ties to the wireless industry in both China and in the Silicon Valley.

This report investigates Yeepay’s 3 payment channels, as well as its solutions, investors and partners, and prospects for growth in China’s payment business.

Table of Contents :

1 Sector Overview: Important Factors Shaping Third-Celebration Payments in China
1.1 Continued preference for money payments, but bank card payments rising
1.2 Credit card use remains low debit cards widespread
1.3 Limited coverage of non-money payment solutions
1.four China UnionPays bank card monopoly
1.5 Quasi-on the internet payment systems an interim answer
1.6 Two ISPs, 162 million World wide web customers
1.7 Two mobile operators, 500 million subscribers
1.8 Contactless smartcard use escalating but largely limited to buses and subways
1.9 Government regulations and the national interest
2 YeePay – Back to the Basics With Telephone Payments
two.1 Organization Overview
two.1.1 Ownership
2.1.two Organizational Structure
2.1.3 Management Group
two.2 Company Efficiency
2.two.1 Monetary Overall performance
2.two.two Users
two.3 Services and Channels
two.three.1 Telephone Payment
two.three.two Online Payment
two.3.3 Mobile Payment
2.3.4 Business and Operation Model
2.four Markets and User Demographics
2.5 Marketing and Branding
2.six Partnerships
2.six.1 Bank Partners
2.six.2 Merchant Partners
two.six.3 Technologies Partners
two.7 Competitive Evaluation
2.7.1 Strengths
two.7.2 Weaknesses
2.8 Outlook

List of Figures

Figure 1: Credit cards issued in China and in the US (M)
Figure two: Net Customers in China, 2001-2006 (M)
Figure 3: Mobile Subscribers in China, 2002-2010F (M)
Figure four: China government groups involved in third-party payment regulation
Figure 5: YeePay Registered Customers, 2006-2007F (M)
Figure six: YeePay Phone Payment Partners
Figure 7: YeePay Important Partners and On the web Solutions
Figure 8: YeePay Operation Model
Figure 9: YeePay Charge Structure
Figure ten: YeePay Logo
Figure 11: YeePay Bank Partners
Figure 12: YeePay Crucial Merchant Partners

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