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Founded in 2003, Union Mobile Pay (UMPay) is a joint-venture among China Mobile, the worlds biggest mobile operator, and China UnionPay, Chinas only inter-bank fund-transfer network. Focused on mobile payments and with the support of these two industry giants UMPay has direct access to capital and technologies sources to grow its organization in Chinas nascent payment marketplace.

Crucial Topics Covered

UMPay is China’s top mobile payment provider with about 30 million registered customers
UMPay’s payment platform is based on mobile SMS technology
UMPAy tries to provide a complete set of mobile payment services, but its coverage remains hugely fragmented
Compared with other third-celebration payment channels, mobile payment has yet to create a robust presence in the market — bank card, prepaid card, phone, and on the internet payment are at present the preferred decision for non-cash payments.

Table of Contents :

1 Business Overview: Key Variables Shaping Third-Party Payments in China
1.1 Continued preference for cash payments, but bank card payments rising
1.2 Credit card use remains low debit cards widespread
1.three Limited coverage of non-money payment solutions
1.4 China UnionPays bank card monopoly
1.5 Quasi-online payment systems an interim resolution
1.six Two ISPs, 162 million Net customers
1.7 Two mobile operators, 500 million subscribers
1.8 Contactless smartcard use growing but largely restricted to buses and subways
1.9 Government regulations and the national interest
two Union Mobile Pay: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
two.1 Ownership, management team, investors
two.1.1 Ownership
2.1.2 Organizational Structure
2.1.three Management Team
two.two Organization Overall performance, Income Model, Customers
2.three Solutions and coverage
two.4 Markets and channels
2.5 Marketing and branding
2.6 Partners (banks, merchants, technology)
2.6.1 Technologies
2.6.two Banks
2.six.three Merchants
two.six.4 The TOM-UMPay Alliance
two.7 Customers figures and profile
two.eight Competitive evaluation: strengths and weaknesses
2.9 Outlook

List of Figures

Figure 1: Credit cards issued in China and in the US (M)
Figure two: Net Users in China, 2001-2006
Figure 3: Mobile Subscribers in China, 2002-2010F (M)
Figure 4: China government groups involved in third-party payment regulation
Figure five: Shanghai CardInfo’s phone payment terminal
Figure 6: Merchant charges for CUP partners
Figure 7: Comparison of merchant and user charges for other payment models in China
Figure 8: China tier-1 city information, 2005
Figure 9: Countries exactly where CUP is accepted
Figure ten: CUP-Visa market place comparison
Figure 11: CUP inter-bank and payment network partners
Figure 12: CUP technologies partners 19 Figure 13: Total debit cards issued in China, 2005-1H2007 (M)
Figure 14: Total CUP credit cards issued in China, 2005-1H2007 (M)
Figure 15: CUP acceptance (POS and merchants) in China, 2004-1H2007 (‘000s)
Figure 16: CUP ATM network in China, 2004-1H2007

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