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The Soldier Modernisation Market place 2011-2021 ||
Market Research Report
Soldier Modernisation Market place
The Soldier Modernisation Market place 2011-2021 is our new defence report. It testimonials main programmes associated to all elements of soldier modernisation examining the market for command, handle, communications, computer systems and intelligence (C4I), lethality, sustainability, survivability and mobility equipment and technology.
The Soldier Modernisation Industry 2011-2021 evaluations top soldier modernisation programmes and examines the prospects and outlook for government spending on such projects. The report critiques the state of the market place in 2010 and projects future prospects for the marketplace in the forecast period of 2011-2021.
Many of todays soldiers are armed and equipped a lot as their predecessors have been, with a rifle, armour and uniform. However, the soldier of the near future will be extremely distinct indeed. Future soldiers will no longer be merely armed and uniformed folks, but will be linked with each other by means of a genuine-time communications network, in a position to download relevant information for their mission and even share observations with greater levels of command. The soldier of the future will not just be guided by maps, but with international positioning method (GPS) navigation systems. They will be in a position to much more successfully and effectively use their weapons in the course of the day and the evening. They will be in a position to share information right away amongst each and every other, and be capable to have their mission updated and redefined with no loss of command and control.
This report critiques the significant programmes and reveals opportunities for businesses engaged in the production of soldier modernisation gear and technologies.
It calculates that in 2011 the worldwide market for soldier modernisation will quantity to $ 713m. More than the forecast period of 2010-2020, the cumulative military radar systems market place will total $ 15,889m.
The soldier modernisation marketplace is at present dominated by programmes being pursued by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) member states, a lot of of which are also engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan. It believes that nations such as the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Canada will increase expenditure on soldier modernisation equipment till around the middle of the decade. This improve will be driven by the concurrent demands of deployment in Afghanistan and the schedules of soldier modernisation programmes (SMP).

With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the completion of the preliminary stages of many SMPs, It expects spending on soldier modernisation gear by key NATO member states to shrink. Additionally, the incremental approaches that these nations are probably to implement concerning soldier modernisation will imply that spending on soldier modernisation gear will remain at these lower levels for a number of years thereafter. Standardisation of gear and the escalating demand for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment will limit increases in spending.
In terms of new technology, It believes that efforts will largely be directed at minimising size, weight and energy (SWaP) requirements. Since soldiers are carrying ever escalating loads, it is imperative that the weight of gear is decreased to steer clear of musculoskeletal harm. Furthermore, the power requirements of numerous devices add to this weight, by increasing the quantity of batteries that the soldier is essential to carry. Portable charging systems, fuel cells, integrated power supplies and solar panels are probably to be in demand in order to sustain the operation of electronic devices.

Moreover, amongst NATO nations there will be a demand for elevated interoperability amongst systems. The budgetary pressure that has led France and the UK to commit to improved co-operation is most likely to yield further such pacts. The challenge of networking systems based on diverse hardware and computer software will have to be met, if the advantages of such international cooperation are to be realised.

Outside of NATO and developed countries, emerging superpowers such as China and India are striving to modernise their armed forces. The latter is hoping to have fielded soldier modernisation equipment to considerable portions of its army by 2020, an ambitious goal. Additionally, Russia has committed to big increases in defence expenditure, and the lessons of the 2008 Georgian War serve to illustrate the deficiencies of her armed forces.

It critiques the international soldier modernisation market and offers global market forecasts for 5 main soldier modernisation submarkets –

Command, manage, communications, computer systems and intelligence (C4I)

A comprehensive analysis of the soldier modernisation market

The Soldier Modernisation Industry 2011-2021 report examines the market critically through the evaluation of a broad variety of accessible details. The sources include government and company reports, news and interviews of several professionals in the field. It applied economic forecasting and qualitative analyses to supply a comprehensive marketplace report with detailed evaluation and informed opinion.

In particular, The Soldier Modernisation Industry 2011-2021 report focuses on the following elements of the market –

Forecasts of the worldwide soldier modernisation marketplace from 2011-2021.
Forecasts of the five soldier modernisation submarkets from 2011-2021.
Forecasts of 24 top national soldier modernisation markets from 2011-2021.
Evaluation of significant soldier modernisation programmes.
SWOT evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and threats affecting the soldier modernisation market place.
Details on top companies in the soldier modernisation marketplace.

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