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The term in-vitro/in-vivo diagnostics (IV2D) describes the integration of molecular diagnostics with radiology and pathology (imaging), as properly as new application and IT platforms. The aims of this integration are to enhance patient care. This report provides an overview of current developments in integrated healthcare diagnostics, covering the emergence of new IV2D techniques that combine IVD with present and creating imaging platforms. The drivers of this integration are reviewed such as new illness biomarkers, single, combined and emerging imaging systems, as well as IT and patient-centred systems.

Scope of this study
Assess the key technologies that will allow in vivo, in vitro diagnostic integration.
Understand how IVD techniques, biomarkers and imaging methods have been applied to challenges of diagnosis in breast cancer and Alzheimers disease.
Uncover how centres of knowledge, such as academic departments, are driving new discoveries and supplying beneficial alliances to diagnostic businesses.
Recognize the variables that are driving healthcare providers to create enhanced healthcare programmes by way of integration in medical diagnostics.

Analysis and evaluation highlights
Today, diagnosis and remedy are increasingly integrated. This reflects developments in many key locations: scientific, diagnosis, proof-based therapies, advancing customized care and improved approach efficiency. The need to have to boost patient diagnosis is nowadays driving healthcare providers to improve management and procedure efficiency.

The quickly evolving IV2D field offers essential opportunities to diagnostic imaging firms. While imaging continues to see crucial refinements, the development of new imaging systems is difficult. In contrast, substantial numbers of in-vivo biomarkers are being discovered, offering combined hybrid integrations with imaging.

Siemens is a global provider of healthcare diagnostic systems, incorporating main tests and instrumentation, IT platforms and software solutions, for clinical information handling and processing. Siemens is also building technologies in the field of integrated diagnostics.

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