Aarkstore Enterprise Study Report On China’s Stevia Extract Industry, 2011-2012

tags Stevioside is the wellness sweetener with natural sweetness and low calorie as nicely as the healthcare auxiliary therapeutic agent extracted from stevia rebaudiana of asteraceae herbs, whose sweetness is 200-300 occasions that of sucrose while calorie is just 1/300 of that of sucrose. It is proved by several drug experiments that stevioside is of higher security without toxicity, side effects or carcinogen. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries and other ailments can be prevented by frequently consuming stevioside, which is the best sweetener that can be a substitute for sucrose.

Stevioside can be widely utilised in food, beverage, medicine, wine generating, cosmetics, household chemical industry and other industries, and save 50%-60% of the cost compared with sucrose.

In addition, information show that stevioside contains 14 kinds of amino acid and 10 sorts of microelements, namely, Fe, Zn, Cu, Co, Mn, Mo, sulfur, F, Cr and Br, the element adjusting balance. Soluble in water and alcohol, stevioside belongs to non-fermentable substance with steady house. Tough to turn mouldy, stevioside with special refreshing sweetness can be a substitute for sucrose to be utilised in meals, candy, medicine, cosmetics, cigarette, etc.

At the finish of 2008, the approval of the U.S. FDA raised a tide of stevioside as all-natural sweetener around the planet. Currently, stevioside is the initial option as sweetener addictive employed in various food generating fields in the U.S. industry. China’s stevia rebaudiana extract market place is in a stable stage now. Diverse from other organic raw material extract markets, stevia rebaudiana enjoys the strength of self-cultivation whose industry is fairly steady compared with those of other plant extracts.

In 2000, China’s export worth of stevia rebaudiana extracts was significantly less than USD 1 million. After the fast growth in export in 2006, China’s export worth of stevia rebaudiana reached USD 84.30 million in 2009, rising by 132% YOY, while its export volume was about three,350 tons, growing by 14.40% YOY.

As one of the nations firstly involved in the stevia rebaudiana extract sector, China’s stevia rebaudiana extract output once accounted for 80% of the worldwide provide volume. In 2009, China’s stevia rebaudiana extract output was about 4,000 tons, over 80% of which are for export. Nevertheless, China is nevertheless a main supplier of low-finish stevia rebaudiana extracts. It is simply found that the export of the enterprises in China’s major stevia rebaudiana producing regions such as Shandong, Jiangsu and Tianjin nevertheless mostly depends on stevioside with low RA content material and even ordinary sugar, even though the export volume of high-content material stevioside RA 95 and RA 97 in these enterprises is couple of.

The major export markets for China’s stevia rebaudiana extracts incorporate Malaysia, Mexico, the U.S.A., Japan and Hong Kong, China. In current years, Malaysia becomes the main export market for China’s stevia rebaudiana extracts with more than half of the export shares. Nonetheless, Malaysia is not the ultimate consumer market place of stevia rebaudiana extracts, but a transit base. The main import company is PureCircle, the branch of an American company in Malaysia, which mostly imports stevia rebaudiana extracts from China and then sells them to other regions in the globe.

Due to robust demand for stevia rebaudiana extracts in the globe marketplace and approval of stevia rebaudiana extracts in various nations and regions, it is predicted that China’s export volume of stevia rebaudiana extracts will continue escalating rapidly in the next few years.

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