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Retail Futures is a special forecasting tool offering dynamic forecasts and analysis of market demand and cost pressures every three months. A Sector Summary Report and seven UK sector and two UK channel forecasts are accessible (Clothes &amp Footwear, DIY &amp Gardening, Electricals, Furniture &amp Floorcoverings, Food &amp Grocery, Wellness &amp Beauty, Homewares, e-Retail, DIY Superstores).
Characteristics and rewards

* Brief review of financial trends and how they impact retail, explaining how we believe important economic metrics will evolve more than the next two years.* Forecasts of how general retail and retail sectors will fare more than the next nine quarters, examining volume, inflation and overall growth prices.* This special service supplies continually updated forecasts than guarantees you are generating the proper decisions, based on the most current data.* The trustworthy and accurate information exposes opportunities for development and is a important operational preparing tool to help tactical and strategic choice-producing.* It enables you to benchmark functionality with self-confidence and set successful targets to support maximise overall performance.

Growth trending upwards

Driven by higher inflation in food &amp grocery.

Volumes continue to boost returning to development in non-food though this is against extremely weak comparatives.Non-food development improves.

Nonetheless, clothes &amp footwear and health &amp beauty remain the only non-food sectors experiencing growth.

driven by inflation, with the return of VAT to 17.5%, the weakness of sterling and rising cotton costs.Residence related sectors continue to struggle.

The housing marketplace remains stagnant and is displaying no imminent indicators of meaningful uplift.

Weakening consumer self-confidence, higher unemployment and squeezed disposable revenue is additional impacting discretionary demand.
Your important concerns answered

* What impact will public sector cuts have on the retail sector?* How will individual sectors execute in 2011, compared with total retail?* What effect will inflationary pressures have on person sector?”

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