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one hundred IMS 2010 Report: Essential Accomplishment Variables

IMS (The IP Multimedia Subsystem) is the cornerstone technologies for subsequent generation networks. It offers a robust infrastructure for building and deploying a number of network solutions and information from a frequent core across distinct access networks and for evolving from circuit-switched networks towards all IP networks. IMS remains the technology of option for fixed and hybrid operators whose legacy network resources are near or full depreciation.

More than the final few years, IMS was relegated to fringes of operator methods. Operators typically overlooked IMS in favour of investments in other locations of the network such as radio, supporting services and applications. It was not till LTE grow to be the technologies of decision for 4G, that IMS started witnessing a fresh wave of interest from players in the wireless value chain. IMS is now on the path to grow to be a profitable industrial packet core technology.

You need to study the IMS report if you function within these sectors:
Mobile core
Mobile VOIP
Fixed mobile convergence
All IP Networks
Next Generation Networks
A single Voice Initiative
Rich communication Suite

Despite the fact that, there are good development pointers, not all mobile operators are on board IMS bandwagon. Some think that it is as well complex to deploy, although other individuals believe that enterprise case in favour of IMS cannot be generated due to charges involved.

Given the existing industry dynamics surrounding IMS, it is paramount for operators and vendors to recognize the Essential Accomplishment Aspects (CSF) for the technology itself and for their firm to compete in this very fragmented market in the next 5 years. The knowledge of the CSF will aid them to gain a superior competitive advantage.

Along with identifying the CSF for IMS, the report also summarises the key stakeholders and how the IMS sector is shaping up beyond 2010. Further, it offers clear and concise view to operators and vendors on all the most recent developments in IMS arena.

What crucial queries does this report answer?

What are the Crucial success elements for IMS?
What is the business case for IMS?
What are the operator methods for IMS deployment?
Who are the important operators pursuing IMS?
Who are the prime IMS vendors and what are their techniques in the gaining competitive benefit?
How will the IMS market place evolve beyond 2015?
What will be the influence of IMS on the wireless worth chain?
What are the crucial applications that can supply return on investment from IMS?

The report is aimed at executives who want to obtain an overview of IMS market place, its prospective and information about important players and their strategies in the IMS worth chain.

The following players must critically look at IMS in order to revive their lifecycle stage:
Cable operators
CDMA wireless providers
Internet service providers
Standard telephony providers
WCDMA/GSM cellular operator
Greenfield operators and
VOIP operators.

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