A Short Overview About Tarot Cards


The science of tarot cards refers to divination, or foretelling the future. Not a lot of people know that folks who are unfamiliar with the subject of occult that tarotis the youngest of all major divination systems that are at present known to mankind. Individuals come to know it for about 5 hundred years. As a outcome, we can’t examine tarot cards to other divination systems such as Runes or IChing which are a lot older.


Tarot is really critical component of both history and culture of European civilization. The mysterious and dark cards are directly connected to kings and dukes, governments, and fantastic moments of European history. 78 cards are probably the most common aspect of western occultism, also.


Tarot cards have been created in Italy, most likely in the city of Milan, around 15th century. The creator of first tarot deck is unknown to historians. But what we know for certain is the reality that the 1st deck was developed as playing cards and nothing far more. It was not meant for any divination or magical purposes at 1st. This deck contained cards from 1 by way of 10 in 4 suites, with two court cards – knight and king. To every single court, a new card was added – a queen card. But that wasn’t the only modify produced to Tarot cards, a quantity of 22 specific cards was added as nicely. That was some thing new, some thing that wasn’t present in any playing cards at the time. New cards were symbolic in nature, they contained pictures with particular characters or subjects, for instance Emperor, Pope, Wheel of Fortune, Death, Devil or the Moon. In this way, minor and major arcana was designed.


And new game was developed – comparable to bridge, but because of new 22 cards, it outranked everything else that has been played during the 15th century. This game has been called A Game of Triumphs and it rapidly spread all through all of Europe, becoming well-known in Italy, France, Austria and Germany. With time, decks created, and numbers of cards disappeared entirely, even though photos and pictures on cards changed into far more complicated pieces of art.


But it took handful of centuries just before the Tarot became the symbol of the occult arts. It took location particularly in France and in England – mystical possible of tarot cards was found, magical meanings have been understood, and new divination method was born. Given that then, Tarot cards are correct symbols of western occultism, and these days, they are the most common European divination technique in use.


I strongly encourage you to explore the topic of tarot history further, and discover names, dates and more historical events that are straight connected to Tarot.