A Flow Nucleic Acid Detection Reagent Eight Is Advisable To Use – A Existing Nucleic Acid –

tags July 1 release influenza H1N1 in Beijing Science and Technology Influenza Nucleic acid detection reagent uniform test benefits. Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of China and other seven units of eight sorts of reagents are functioning mechanism of joint prevention and manage technologies group (Division) recommended.

Present, China has created certain for influenza A H1N1 influenza fast and sensitive diagnostic strategy, but the test kit only remain in the laboratory stage, there is no a flow speedy test kit merchandise have state licensed. As quickly as achievable to create successful screening or rapid test kit suggested to the relevant departments and the prevention and handle line applications, to accelerate its industrialization process, commissioned by the Science and Technology Division, Pharmaceutical and Biological Merchandise (referred to in the evaluation by the) lead, with each other with the China Disease Prevention virus manage center, Military Healthcare Academy is accountable for fast detection of five frequent field test kit.

five 19, Science and Technologies Division to the public assembly Influenza H1N1 influenza speedy test kits. As of May 25, collected a total of Influenza A H1N1 influenza to 93 rapid test kits, which includes nuclear Acids 68 types of test kits, antigens reagent 25.

“Specialist initial screening and run via the self-test, the ultimate self-test to decide the benefits of the blind like a good seven units of eight types of nucleic acid detection reagents to enter the scene unified evaluation. All candidates were in the inspection kit The Chinese Centre for Disease Manage and Prevention and the Military Medical Academy of four laboratories at the very same time, each agent in two distinct laboratory tests repeated. “Wang Jun, deputy director of the prosecution, mentioned Chi.

6 29, seized the reporter nucleic acid detection in the laboratory to see the staff through the DNA extraction, DNA samples of the reaction resolution configuration, pre-processed by means of the transfer module, will test samples sent to the testing space were amplified . Members of the sample into the experimental fluorescence PCR detection machine, according to the software program to set parameters, and then the reaction. To comprehensive the testing process requires 2? four hours.

By means of two days of field testing, technology group, nowadays announced test final results. Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of China Military Academy of Health-related Sciences, Institute of Radiation Medicine / gold core of biological molecules on the Hai Haitai detection technologies Co., Ltd., China Centre for Illness Manage and Prevention Disease Manage and Prevention, HIV / Beijing Jin Hao Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Zhongshan University, DAE Gene Co., Ltd., Beijing Genomics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Shanghai Fuxing Health-related Technologies Improvement Co., Ltd., the Shanghai River Biological Technology Co., Ltd. top the common list.

Nucleic acid detection is the world’s influenza H1N1 influenza virus identifying the principal diagnostic approaches is its capability to accurately locate. It is reported that out of the antigens screening test kits will also enter the field test phase and will soon be the result.

Ministry of Well being, HE Wei, deputy director of science and education that has been accountable by the national CDC Influenza H1N1 influenza virus infection in the diagnostic perform, with the increasing number of situations, the final path is to allow enterprises to participate, to promote the commercialization of detection reagent.

“The present production of test kits must take the declaration of the unit, approval of such procedures, the State Meals And Drug Administration has also set up a quick-track channel for this. Assay industrialization, the conditions of the nearby hospitals can be a flow of nucleic acid detection, and therefore strengthen Epidemic Monitoring. “Stated Wang Jun Zhi.

“The Contact to the public test reagents, is to mobilize national efforts, screening the ideal technologies and reagents for regulating organizations and conduct research and development units, and the far better administration of the trial department of products advised to speed up processing, and market Industrialization. “Science and Technology Social Improvement, stated Zhe Yang, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Academy Union will be a way to help our diagnostics fast improvement of industries and enterprises.