8 proven ways to calm down quickly

8 proven ways to calm down quickly

Every day we get into a lot of stressful situations, which in one way or another affect our overall emotional state. Of course, we can try to reduce their number or treat them with a fraction of healthy irony, but, as practice shows, it’s harder to do than it seems at first glance.

That’s why you need to learn to cope with stress as quickly as possible in order to keep in order not only the nerve cells, but also the mood. In this material, we gathered at once eight ways to calm down.


It is not accidental that aromatherapy gets more and more powers if not in medicine, then in near-medical practices. When you feel a certain smell, it has a direct effect on the brain tissue in the nose, which leads to various pleasant effects. So, essential oils of sweet orange or ylang-ylang are able to block the action of chemicals that cause negative emotions. So keep a small bottle of essential oil in the cosmetic bag so that a few deep breaths make the world brighter even in the most difficult situation.

Hot drink

“I must say that since you’re upset, I’m supposed to offer you a hot drink,” said Sheldon Cooper in a series of The Big Bang Theory. And this behavior has a completely scientific justification. However, not any hot drink, but only a drink with a detox effect – a decoction of rose hips, herbal or green tea. Due to the fact that these drinks purify the liver of harmful substances, they also contribute to the stabilization of blood pressure and natural relaxation of the body.

Jumping on the trampoline

No, this is not a joke. Careless movements, in which there is no systematization, help the body get rid of stress. Jumping on the trampoline helps you feel childlike, support the lymphatic system and have a relaxing effect on all systems that are affected by stress. No trampoline? No problems. Jumping on a rope or dancing to your favorite music will have the same effect.

Relaxing bath

If you increasingly take a shower, not a bath, then you lose a lot – including, with respect to relaxation. A hot bath with foam is the ideal way to make a “break in broadcasting”, concentrate on your own feelings and ask the whole world to wait a little. Take care of the bath products with your favorite fragrance (the universal option is lavender), so that the enjoyment is complete.


A powerful amino acid will provide you with a sense of calmness in just 20 minutes, which is especially useful if the strongest sense of anxiety caught you at work right before an important meeting. Moreover, experts note that L-theanine – one of the additives that can fight all types of stressful effects. An additional bonus is the fact that the product works without side effects in the form of drowsiness, apathy and excessive relaxation.

Breathing practices

A few deep and meaningful breaths are a great way to harmonize your mind and body. You might think that it is too simple, but the magic here is that the method really works. Try to take your mind off stress and concentrate on breathing: breathing in five counts and exhaling for ten, provided several repetitions help balance your thoughts and make the only right decision. By the way, breathing practices are an important component of yoga – so if you are aiming for a long-term result, you may need to purchase a subscription to the nearest studio.

Escape to the “Oasis”

When panic embraces you, one of the best ways to cope with the tension that has arisen will be your personal oasis. It can be a place in the office that you really like, a coffee shop around the corner, a private balcony or even a mental oasis, within which you go to the Cote d’Azur, where you spent an unforgettable vacation a few years ago (for someone, however, this there will be a wonderful summer in the village of my grandmother between the fifth and sixth grade). Five minutes will be enough to get you back in shape. If you talk about prospects, then try to visit an infrared or ordinary sauna once a week to forget about all the stresses and enjoy the moment became a habit.


And again about sports – boxing (including Thai) cope with fear, anxiety, anger, tears, hysterics and then on the list. Fitness experts are sure that working with a pear will give you self-confidence, and if we talk about fighting stress, then it will help to counter them most effectively. Today was a hard day? Go to the hall in the evening, and get rid of each of the annoying factors, so that it’s easier for you to live and breathe.

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