6 myths about dream, which debunked science

6 myths about the dream, which debunked science

6 myths about dream, which debunked science

A good sleep is vitally important for the well-being of the person and his health in general, but despite the ongoing research in this field, many of its aspects still raise questions not only among people who are far from science but also from scientists. Why is one, for example, enough to sleep the same minimum recommended seven hours, while others do not get enough sleep for 10? Is it really more useful to go to bed earlier than to wake up later at the same number of hours of sleep? Several myths were debunked by Neil Stanley, an expert from the British Sleep Society.

Eight hours of sleep is enough

Not for everyone, as practice shows. Each person has his own needs for sleep, and it is normal to sleep from five to nine hours a day. The specific amount of sleep is determined genetically. Do not rely on numbers, it is better to determine by experience how much sleep you need. It’s easy: find out, after how many hours of sleep you feel cheerful or sleepy, and move in the direction of vigor.

Too much sleep does not happen

It’s a shame, but a myth. Strongly exceed its norm, too, should not be – it’s just as harmful as not getting enough sleep.

You can get used to sleeping a little

Unfortunately, it is impossible to move away from its genetically determined norm. You can get used to the constant lack of sleep and learn to function tolerably under these conditions, but if the body does not get enough time to recover, it negatively affects its condition. Even a partial lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity , diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Sleeping in different beds is bad for a relationship

Some people sleep better, feeling someone else’s warmth and feeling safe next to their partner, but in fact, in about half of cases, it is their partner that awakens them. Therefore, if you sleep better separately, do it, it will not hurt the relationship, but will even improve them rather, because after getting enough sleep, you will be happier, not so tired and will not take offense at the partner for the blanket taken away at night.

The hour to midnight is two after

In this, there is some sense, since the most intense person is recovering in a deep sleep – and this phase often occurs at the beginning of the whole period of sleep. Usually, in the area of midnight and before it, nobody bothers you, but in the morning, calls begin, neighbors and neighbors make noise, and wake up much easier, so the question here is not in the time of sleep, but in its quality. If in the mornings there is silence in your house and no one disturbs you – the morning sleep will be no worse than the night.

Children themselves will go to bed when they are tired

This is equivalent to “the children themselves will stop eating ice cream when they are fed.” Of course, there are such children, but this is more likely an exception. Most still require rituals, routine actions that are performed before going to bed to tune in to it. However, this is typical for adults.


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