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tags China not only market the habit of each section, but vacation sales can really drive

Sell . See holiday sales are employed to day-to-day indicates, such as building supplies markets are usually extremely deserted

Hardware Constructing Materials, holiday sales would be a good way to enhance sales. Specially following the Spring Festival, there

Decoration Strategy for cold weather causes consumers, now began to buy materials out. With water transport costs go up, raw material prices, labor charges, obtain of furnishings for the constructing components, usually careful priority. Coming to Labour Day, vacation promotions can surely attract buyers to patronize. Particularly in the volatile prices of wind.

“Rates once again, and quickly take benefit of ’51’ promotion get it!” Recently, rates on the furnishings, developing materials endless argument, regardless of whether the person preparing the decoration or furniture sales employees, all of the costs of speaking about issues. At the very same time to switch to market place can be identified, “51” ahead of the week

Home Material flow in the city was temporarily big, much less signing phenomenon, several customers mentioned they are to be finalized in advance what to prepare, “51” in complete swing throughout the procurement.

Up or not up? Up about how a lot? When did you commence up? Not too long ago, journalists were interviewed with inquiries located in furniture, flooring, tile,

Bathroom , Coating these supplies in huge mainstream, and timber-associated furniture, flooring, cabinets and other prices is currently settled, although the other category rates of construction materials no action

Vigorously Degree of promotional goods will turn into not too long ago thrown main action.

Sheet “barometer” of a wave

Lushuihe board cost enhance is a foregone conclusion

Located in the visit, as furniture, cabinets, flooring and other essential elements of the board cost boost is a foregone conclusion. Well-known brand plate “Lushuihe” The recent price hikes of data has been released, “Lushuihe” Particleboard costs in May will be raised to an typical of five yuan / M2, that is, a 1220 2440 16 (length width thickness , unit mm) of Lushuihe particleboard will rise about 15 yuan. A single plate of various colors and distinct

Environmental protection Target rate of enhance in diverse plates, whilst the all round enhance in about 15%.

This, Ji Lin forest stock company vice president, basic manager of Beijing Zhang Zhili, stated sales at this time is to restrain cost increases have been long decided, a number of aspects led to particleboard production charges drastically enhance the processing enterprises, this is the the phenomenon has existed because last year. To Lushuihe board, for example, the price per cubic meter improve of about 320 yuan, profit margins can only increase corporate quarterly contraction force plate sales cost.

According to reports, Ji Lin forest Lushuihe Particleboard annual 400,000 cubic meters, though only to the annual output of 1% of the national board, but Lushuihe board price advantages, has turn out to be the industry benchmark and barometer plate. In response, Zhang Zhili said that in addition to those who counterfeit and environmental top quality board Lushuihe not meet national standards board, beneath the premise of guaranteeing high quality, the normal board are facing

Chemical market

Raw components, wood raw materials, base paper prices, labor costs, and enhance the stress on transport expenses, and consequently, price increases have grow to be required.